Neverwinter Update 8.30 Fires Out, Get a Free Legendary Insignia Choice Pack for a Limited Time

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Cryptic Studios has released a new title update for Neverwinter today and it’s out now on PS4! The Neverwinter update 8.30 patch includes quite a number of gameplay-related fixes for enemies, combat, the economy and more. Read on below for the patch notes.

Neverwinter Update 8.30 Patch Notes:

Content and Environment


  • Ensnared: This heroic encounter no longer automatically completes without player support due to overwhelming angel assistance.
  • Ensnared: The balcony around this heroic encounter should now properly display ground targeting indicators.
  • Indebted: A map-wide waypoint circle now appears while tracking this quest.

Avernus Hunts

  • Searing Hezrou now spawns more frequently, and Scout of Stygia now spawns less frequently (though still more frequently than before the initial rate increase).
    • Developer note: After our recent adjustments to hezrou and hound spawn rates, we found that the hezrou adjustments fell somewhat short, and the hezrou trophy is still a bit too difficult to obtain. Meanwhile, the hound trophies are flooding the economy, and we believe we may have adjusted them a bit too far. As such we are increasing the frequency with which “Searing Hezrou” spawns, and slightly decreasing the frequency with which “Scout of Stygia” spawns. Scouts of Stygia will still remain significantly more common than they were before the initial adjustment to their spawning.


  • Cradle of the Death God: Players should now consistently respawn in-bounds.
  • Explorer’s Chart: Pirate’s Skyhold: This chart now properly states in its quest description that it can give Ebony Logs.
  • Various minor tweaks have been made to some quests, e.g. typo fixes and overhead icon changes.

Combat and Powers

Classes and Balance

  • Fighter: Dreadnought: Resolved an issue wherein the class feature “Momentum” would incorrectly apply when riding on certain mounts.
  • Wizard: Thaumaturge: Critical Conflagration can no longer incorrectly cause a Smolder effect to override Rimefire Smolder.

Mount Powers

  • Ferocity can no longer stack combined Ratings from multiple players.
  • Providence can no longer stack combined Ratings from multiple players.

Item Powers

  • Effects that grant bonus damage against devils and demons now more consistently affect the targeted enemy types. (Note that cultists are generally considered humanoid, despite their infernal allegiances.)
  • Perilous Attraction: This item power no longer has an effect in Player versus Player combat.

Enemies and Encounters

Avernus Hunt Difficulty

  • The difficulty of 2-star hunts have been adjusted to be more consistent. The difficulty of “Living Hellfire” has been slightly decreased, while the difficulty of “The Red Lady, Caphriel,” and “Reothadh the Frozen” have been increased.
  • Living Hellfire no longer uses “Chain of Hatred” on all nearby enemies, and now uses it only on his primary target. The damage has been increased somewhat along with this change.
  • The damage of “Fireburst” has been slightly increased.
  • The damage dealt by some of The Red Lady, Caphriel’s attacks has been increased.
  • An issue has been resolved wherein The Red Lady, Caphriel’s spell “Ardor” did not deal any damage at all.
  • The damage dealt by some of Reothadh the Frozen’s attacks has been increased.
  • The temporary speed penalty Reothadh the Frozen applies to itself after using the attack “Ice Breaker” has been increased. (Reothadh will move even more slowly.)
  • It is no longer possible to avoid damage from Reothadh the Frozen’s “Hypothermia” spell via immunity frames.
  • An issue has been resolved wherein Reothadh the Frozen’s “Icewind” spell would improperly freeze the player after the blizzard effects dissipate, even if they were moving, in cases where they were stationary when the effects first appeared. (As a result, it is now significantly easier to properly avoid receiving stacks of Icewind.)


  • Certain NPCs, e.g. the camp guards in Icespire Peak, can once again hold their own in combat against standard enemies.

Items and Economy

Avernus Hunt Rewards

  • The amount of Zariel’s favor awarded for 1-star and 2-star hunts has been increased.
  • The quality of gems dropped by 1-star and 2-star hunt marks has been significantly increased. In accordance with this change, gems dropped by these hunts are now group loot rather than personal loot.
  • The item “Crown of the Pit Fiend” has had its perk adjusted as follows: it now grants 15000 power (up from 7500) when your health is below 50% (up from 25%.) In addition, the awareness on this item has been replaced with critical strike.
  • The item “Blessed Arms of the Living Fire” has had its perk adjusted as follows: it now grants 200 (up from 75) power for every 1% of hit points missing.


  • Path of the Fallen: Current and maximum Boons are now properly displayed on the Boons campaign task.

Dungeon Rewards

  • Genie’s Gifts are now bound to account, rather than unbound, when gained via dungeon rewards.
  • Mounts and companions gained via dungeon rewards are now unbound.
  • Scrolls of Life gained from dungeon rewards, going forward, can now properly be used from the Near Death screen. Unfortunately, scrolls gained from dungeon rewards prior to this patch still cannot be used from the Near Death screen.
  • When players gain Mount Upgrade Tokens and Companion Upgrade Tokens, they should now properly display in the reward window.


  • King of Spines no longer briefly appears larger than its standard size while being summoned.

Wondrous Bazaar

  • The Dungeon Master’s Guide is no longer available in the Wondrous Bazaar, as it supports an outdated feature.

User Interface


  • The Epic Equipment category should once again properly show items in Location mode.


  • The Invocation icon now grays out when the final invocation for the day has been performed.


  • When selecting Grid View, the choice is saved until the game client is restarted.

Zen Market

  • When a purchase succeeds, a fly-by message now appears briefly on the screen.



  • The Home Page should once again properly be localized for French, German, Italian, and Russian locales.

In addition to today’s patch for PS4 gamers, the studio is also giving out a free in-game item goodie pack! Here’s the official statement about it:

Greetings Adventurers,

Players who did not claim the promotional pack that was incorrectly made available for a brief period of time have been awarded a Legendary Premium Insignia Choice Pack, claimable at the Reward Claims Agent. Individuals who did claim the promotional pack in April were allowed to keep the insignia from that pack – for previous information, please visit the original forum thread.

Pack is claimable until October 29, 2020 across all platforms (Dragon, Drider, Lich, Balor)

Once we know more details regarding Neverwinter’s next content drop or patch, we’ll let our readers know.

Source: ArcGames