Neverwinter Update 8.40 November 10 Casts Out

Neverwinter Update 9.23

Cryptic Studios has just finished maintenance for Neverwinter on consoles and PC, and have released the Neverwinter update 8.40 November 10 patch! This includes gameplay changes and more. Head on below for the official patch notes.

Neverwinter Update 8.40 November 10 Patch Notes:

Content and Environment


  • Ravenloft: Certain tutorial popups no longer stay active forever after leaving the tutorial hunt.
  • Umbraxakar’s Lair: The beams from the Amulet of Selûne are now visible from a longer distance.
  • Underdark Heroic Encounters: Demonic Escape’s required time has been reduced to 2.5 minutes, down from 5 minutes, to bring it in line with other Demonic Heroic Encounters.
  • Vallenhas: A skill node has been moved out of collision.


  • Harvester of Nightmares: Players can no longer complete the Inception quest twice per run under certain circumstances.
  • Harvester of Nightmares: Players may no longer pick up Haunting the Harvester on multiple characters in the same day.
  • Masquerade of Liars: The drop rate of the Enchanted Witch’s Sash from piñatas has been increased.

Combat and Powers

Companion Powers

  • Soradiel: The power Divine Judgment now properly applies its stats to the player.

Item Powers

  • Charged Fury: This power now properly grants its power increase.
  • Wisps of the Power Demon: The tooltip on this item power now shows the correct stats.

Visual Effects

  • Wizard: Scorching Burst: The targeting cursor now properly shows on the ground when used.

Enemies and Encounters

Avernus Heroic Encounters

  • Ascension: Shocktroop Devil is no longer susceptible to control spells.

Items and Economy

Avernus Hunts

  • Hunts now give reward credit to the summoning party as long as any one of them hits the hunt target.

Dungeon Rewards

  • Insignias can now drop from dungeon rewards.

Redeemed Citadel

  • Store
    • Resolved an issue wherein the item “5 Mount Upgrade Tokens (Weekly)” did not properly display an icon.
    • Resolved an issue wherein the item “5 Mount Upgrade Tokens (Weekly)” did not grant mount tokens as advertised.
    • Resolved an issue wherein the item “5 Mount Upgrade Tokens (Weekly)” was purchasable multiple times in one week under certain circumstances.

Reward Claims Agent

  • (PC) The Neverwinter Vanguard pack and the Leyline Lorekeeper title are once again properly available from the Reward Claims Agent. The latter is granted to characters who had completed the version of the tutorial prior to Module 15.


  • Instances of an item labeled “Zariel’s Favor” appearing in a player’s inventory have been removed.
    • Dev note: These items were never meant to be granted, and could not be opened or redeemed for anything. Instead, they wasted space in one’s inventory until thrown away. They have now been removed so as to not be mistakenly held on to while wasting space.
  • Various minor typos have been addressed.

User Interface


  • The support suggestion URL has been updated.

Auction House

  • (Xbox, PS4) When consigning equipped items from the Auction House, the cursor can again properly be moved.

Home Page

  • The Blood Ruby Pack ad now opens the Refinement Pack entry in the Zen Market.
  • The “New Hairstyles” ad no longer appears, as these hairstyles are no longer new.
  • The Star Rover Key Bundle ad no longer appears, as this no longer shows up in the Zen Market.


  • (PC) The “Choose New Equip Power” window can now be resized and moved.

Overworld Map

  • Players can now use the VIP Signpost to teleport to locations technically on the same map, e.g. the Wandering Emporium while in Avernus.


  • The queue window now updates more frequently after queue requirements are met.

Zen Market

  • When purchasing something, the purchase confirmation now includes the name of the product.

For the PC-specific changes, head on over here.

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