Neverwinter Update 9.23 Is Out for Fixes and Future Events – July 21

Neverwinter Update 9.23

Cryptic Studios has released the Neverwinter update 9.23 patch for July 21, and this is for a host of fixes regarding, events, combat, user interface, and loads more. Check out the patch notes below to see everything listed.

Neverwinter Update 9.23 Patch Notes for July 21:

Content and Environment

Protector’s Enclave

  • The fireworks show should no longer continue even though the Celebration of Lliira has ended.


  • Heroic Encounters in the Dark Fey Mire should now display their timers on the map.
  • Horrors Revisited: The quest flow should now be a bit clearer.

Dungeons and Trials

  • Assault on Svardborg: Both chests can now properly accept Reward Reroll Tokens.

Future Events

Summer Festival

  • All Summer Provisioning tasks can now properly proc the Dab Hand artisan bonus.
  • Consumables: The Grand Summer Feast was overlooked in the previous consumables change. The buff amounts for Power and Accuracy are now reduced to 2.5% and 1.5%, respectively, down from 5%.
    • This change will not affect the Grand Summer Feasts players have in their inventory and bank.
    • All future sources of the food will drop the version with the changed values.
    • Summer Provisioning will include a Simple Summer Feast and Lavish Summer Feast recipe that allows players to still craft the old version of the item if they desire to do so.
  • Enemies should no longer sometimes spawn in the terrain.

Combat and Powers


  • Repentant Cultist’s Discipline now properly grants up to 7.5% magnitude damage at Mythic quality.
  • Repentant Cultist is now properly repentant, rather than “repentant.”

Item Powers

  • Vintage Lightwine consumables now properly grant Awareness instead of Regeneration.

Items and Economy


  • Avernus Hunts once again properly drop Zariel’s Favor.

User Interface

Home Page

  • A new banner and several tips provide information about the upcoming module’s release.

Animation, Audio, Character Art, and Visual Effects

Character Art

  • Crown of the Forest now properly displays on dragonborn characters.
  • Summer Court and Gloaming Court fashion have received some minor visual touch-ups, including clipping fixes for the Summer Court set.

Don’t forget, the Jewel of the North expansion is heading out next week! You can check out details of it here.

Source: ArcGames

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