Neverwinter Update 9.66 Patch Notes for November 11

Neverwinter Update 9.66

Cryptic Studios has released the Neverwinter update 9.66 patch this November 11, and this includes a host of changes to content, items, and more. Check out the complete patch notes below.

Neverwinter Update 9.66 Patch Notes:

Content and Environment

Echoes of Prophecy

  • The Echoes of Prophecy battle pass intro quest, “A Subtle Curiosity,” has been changed to only award currency once per account.
  • The portal that takes you between Scar Keep and the Jagged Approach now supports Echoes of Prophecy content correctly.
  • The respawn timer on the Plaguetouched Maws in Burning Road has been reduced by 50% to ease in Echoes of Prophecy quest completion.

Combat and Powers

Classes and Balance

  • Bard: Certain buff songs no longer incorrectly stack upon themselves under certain conditions. This has introduced an issue in which the song buffs can display incorrectly; we are looking into this issue, but it does not have a gameplay effect.

Items and Economy


  • Masquerade of Liars: The maximum stack count of Handful of Enchanted Bristles is now 25, up from 20.

Reward Claims Agent

  • (PC clients only) Because there was an issue preventing some players from claiming the 25 Reward Reroll Tokens between October 26 and November 2, all players may claim a set of 25 Reward Reroll Tokens from the Reward Claims Agent between this update and November 23.

Zen Market

  • As of this update, Unbind Tokens can now be purchased from the Zen Market in packs of 10 or 100, under the Supplies category.

User Interface

Campaigns / Adventures

  • An outdated unlock condition for accessing the Well of Dragons map has been updated.
  • The Campaign icon no longer glows after all available rewards are claimed.


  • Opening a reward pack or lockbox, while a different type of reward pack is currently open, no longer incorrectly displays a blank page.


  • (Console systems only) Selling to a vendor once again consistently shows the cursor highlight.

Performance and Stability


  • A recently-introduced crash in the inventory system has been addressed.

Source: ArcGames

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