New Batman Game Teaser Releases, Scott Snyder Potentially Hints at Court of Owls

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Warner Bros Montreal have released a new Batman game teaser, giving us a more clear look at the symbols found in yesterday’s teaser.

The tweet’s caption reads “Capture the Knight,” which obviously refers to the Dark Night himself, Batman. You can see the teaser down below, which again is just of the symbols from yesterday’s tease only far more visible.


In related news, director Scott Snyder (Writer and Co-creator of The Court of Owls Batman comic run) posted a tweet that has now since been deleted potentially suggesting that the announcement is Court of Owls related. For those unaware, the Court of Owls is a secret organized crime group in Gotham City.

Of course he could have just thrown that out there, but if that were the case why delete the tweet? In fact we say it’s likely he knows what the project may be considering his long history working with DC and mostly because of his run of The Court of Owl. Only time will tell and hopefully we won’t have to wait long as PlayStation will be hosting a State of Play tomorrow, which is what many are speculating the Batman reveal to take place at. Along with this it has also been long rumored that the game story will focus on the court of owls story arc from the comics. Obviously we don’t expect an exact one to one story as we will most likely see their (Wb Montreal) own twist on the plot, but nonetheless it will definitely make fans happy to see the Court of Owl run turned into a video game as it’s considered one of Synder’s best work in the New 52 series.

We will be sure to update you all as this develops and we look forward to covering it if it turns out to be a new game, which we no doubt believe will.