New Battlefield 4 PC Game Update Fixes Issues Caused By Last Patch

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A small but very necessary update has recently hit the PC version of Battlefield 4.

It fixes a number of issues that were introduced in the last PC game update that launched earlier in the week, including terrain flickering for SLI/CrossFire users and UI items becoming stuck on the screen after being revived.

Check out the full list of fixes below:

December 20 Battlefield 4 PC Patch Notes

  • Fix for terrain flickering when using SLI/CrossFire setup
  • Fix for three of the top crash issues on the PC platform
  • Fix for case when soldier can die with 1 HP instead of 0
  • Fix for the issue where the revive UI could be permanently shown after accepting a revive

In addition, yet another server update went live across all platforms, looking at a few performance optimizations, as well as fixes for a couple of server crashes and graphical bugs.

R17 Server Update Notes

  • Fix for two server crashes
  • Fix for a graphical bug that could occur when players accepted a revive within 1 second
  • Server performance optimizations

Try it out and let us know – how do you feel Battlefield 4 plays on the PC after the last few patches?