New Battlefield Hardline Beta Patch Tweaks Weapons, Gadgets, and Loadouts on PC

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The Battlefield Hardline Beta is getting a bit of an update today, which some of you may have already noticed after today’s earlier maintenance period.

The update, which we’ve been informed is likely only coming to PC today, the last day of the Battlefield Hardline Beta, re-balances a few of the game’s weapons, gadgets, and loadouts. Visceral notes that “These changes will not be reflected on Battlelog during the Open Beta, which means that weapon stats for example will appear unchanged until the launch of the game.”

Here’s what’s changed:

Weapons Tuning

  • 870P Magnum effective range reduced
  • M16 m416 damage lowered and increased recoil
  • RO933 reduced recoil and reduced damage
  • Uzi increased hip fire accuracy
  • P90 increased spread
  • Swapped M/45 and G36c to cops
  • Swapped UMP and M416 to criminals
  • Reduced effective range .338 magnum rounds
  • Reduced 9mm damage Reduced 556x45mm damage (Assult rifles and smgs)
  • Reduced Spas 12 damage
  • Fixed bug with magnum round recoil where people were losing kills

Gadget Tuning

  • Reduced the cooldown time of the med and ammo packs
  • Increased the resupply time for Breaching Charges

So, get in a few more game before the day’s over to try out some of the new tweaks! We’ll keep you posted with any additional updates.