New Battlefield Hardline Dev Diary Dives Into Player Feedback, Beta Launch Date Reveal Tomorrow

Visceral Games developers lay their thoughts out in episode one of a new developer diary series that explores the making of Battlefield Hardline.

In the first entry, which you can watch above, you’ll hear from VP and GM Steve Papoutsis, Creative Director Ian Milham, Lead MP Designer Thaddeus Sasser, and Weapons Designer David Price. It dives into the inception of the idea for Hardline’s cops vs. criminals theme, feedback from the first beta, feedback from community members, and new improvements like visual recoil on weapons.

Still no confirmation of the upcoming beta’s rumored February 3 launch date, but, according to Papoutsis, official dates and more details will be revealed tomorrow, January 29.

For now, you can read up on the Battlefield Hardline details we do know, thanks to a recent Q&A with Thaddeus Sasser earlier last week.

Keep your sights on MP1st for more Battlefield updates.

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