New Battlefront II Mods Include Custom 32v32 AI Bot Battles, Sith Rey Character & More

Yesterday, we reported on the new Star Wars Battlefront II Pink Darth Vader character skin, a mod that can be downloaded and installed on the PC version. Well, there are now many more mods which change the way characters look and act.

Caution: Installing mods could result in account termination. Do so at your own risk.

The “Rey Sith Abilities” mod replaces the character’s original abilities with Darth Vader’s sabre throw, Emperor Palpatine’s dark aura, and Kylo Ren’s Force Freeze.

Rey also looks cool when she takes on the role of Darth Maul, swapping out the red lightsaber for a yellow one.

I’m a big fan of “Jedi Master Leia Organa,” too!

This “Darksaber” mod gives all heroes a Darksaber, which looks as cool as it sounds.

The standout mod for me, however, is “Arcade Overhaul,” which adds 32v32 Arcade Team Battles to the game, complete with AI bots.

Arcade Overhaul


– 32v32 Arcade Team Battles

– Tweaked the battle AI for skirmish bots to allow them to sprint

– Set “CombatIntensity” to High for all AI Classes

– Added “Hide” Parameter to all AI Classes to allow bots to fall back to cover when badly hurt

– AI “Suppression” Values Increased

– Increased AI “Engage” Distance; ai can fire farther

– AI “TimetoFire” for both Player And Ai are now the same

– Increased AI Movement Speed

– Tweaked AI Weapon Handling for each class (rof,range,accuracy) and removed any damage modifiers

– Added “EnhancedCoordination” in AI logic

– Tweaked AI fall back distance for all classes

What do you think of these Battlefront II mods? Are they bringing some more fun to the game? Or should EA crack down before things get out of hand? Let us know.

Source: Nexus Mods via PC Gamer

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