New Battlefield 1 Easter Egg Found on Lupkow Pass Map

When presented with new maps, the Battlefield community is always quick to explore every inch of them, hunting for well-hidden Easter eggs. Developer DICE always puts in the effort to include clever secrets for the fans. The latest expansion, Turning Tides, has a bunch of Easter eggs centered around the Battlefield Friends characters.

There’s now a total of three Battlefield Friends Easter eggs, which have been found on the new maps. YouTube user DANNYonPC has captured each of them, with all videos embedded below. 

Battlefield friends Easter egg on Volga river! – The start of more

Battlefield friends Easter egg on Brusilov keep!

Battlefield friends Easter egg on Lupkow pass!

The mastermind behind these audio Easter eggs is DICE audio artist Rob Gardner. 

What do you think of these Battlefield 1 Easter eggs? Think it’s cool to see Battlefield Friends make another appearance? Let us know.

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Source: DANNYonPC (YouTube)

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