New Black Ops 2 Teaser Suggests Origin Story Zombie DLC

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When it comes to DLC, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 developers are definitely planning something big surrounding the series’ popular mini-game (which isn’t really so “mini” any more), Zombies.

In a series of teaser images posted last week on their Facebook page, Treyarch teased four tattered old letters written by, or connected to, the original cast members of the first few Zombies levels, beginning back in Call of Duty: World at War. Later, the studio published a set of blueprints of what looks like a brand new Zombies DLC weapon, the Mauser (Prototype CXS). So far, both hints suggest that whatever Zombies DLC the team has planned will most likely go back in time, rather than the future.

Supporting our guess even further, Treyarch teased a brand new Vine video today flashing a bunch of short clips of what is most likely the new Zombies map. The caption reads, “Every story has a beginning…”

You can check out the 6-second video right here.

Update 1

Upon closer inspection, it seems like each clip could be of a previous Zombies map. You can easily make out the maps Ascension and Shangri La, for example.

If that doesn’t tell us anything, we’re not sure what does. We think it’s pretty clear that Treyarch wants to visit the origins of the Zombies story with DLC 4.

What do you guys think? Would that make for some pretty rad Zombies DLC? Be sure to keep your sights on MP1st for any new on upcoming Black Ops 2 DLC.

Update 2

Just recently, Treyarch Tweeted this strange image and confirmed that we will learn more tomorrow about whatever it is the studio has in the works.


What do you think it means?