New Black Ops II Sound Clip Teased, More On Multiplayer Minimap

Treyarch Developer David Vonderhaar hands out some more Black Ops II goodies with an interesting new sound file hinting at some of the VO lines you’ll be hearing in BOII’s multiplayer.

Before we get to that, Vonderhaar also talked to some of his followers about Call of Duty’s minimap and how it could be improved. Vonderhaar reveals that, at one point, Treyarch experimented with a minimap that would display enemies on different floors of a building separately, so players could tell where they were in relation to the enemy on a vertical level. However, Vonderhaar explains that it was “prototyped and cut. Was too confusing. Hard to show 3D rep on a 2D map and a 3D map had usability issues.”

Some mentioned the idea of a coloured minimap, adding that the current one is too dull and boring. Vonderhaar answers, “to each his own. Monochromatic colors on the map help with seeing red dots and such. Trust me. I’ve tried many types of maps.”

In what ways do you think the current Call of Duty minimap could be improved?

Last night, Vonderhaar also teased his followers with a sound clip of a soldier stating the words, “objective parameters obtained. Well done.” The description reads: “Classified multiplayer Faction voice-over.”

[soundcloud url=”” comments=”true” auto_play=”false” color=”ff7700″ width=”100%” height=”81″]

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Speaking of multiplayer sounds, check out what Lead Gameplay Designer on Black Ops II David Vonderhaar had to say about footstep sounds and their role in multiplayer.

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