New Borderlands 2 Hotfix Addresses Bugged Dropped Rates For Mini Bosses, Available Now

A new hotfix is now available for Borderlands 2 on the PC, Mac, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platform that addresses a few issues and, most importantly, fixes a bug causing certain mini-bosses to not drop their designated loot.

For the full notes of the latest hotfix, check them out below:

August 6 Hotfix Notes

  • Further corrected the alignment of holographic sights on pistols.
  • Summoning Deathtrap with “Sharing is Caring” enabled no longer causes a Turtle shield’s health penalties to be applied twice.
  • Adjusted drop rates of unique items from Doc Mercy, Mad Dog, Savage Lee and McNally to be more consistent across all modes.

For those who don’t know, Doc Mercy, Mad Dog, and the rest of the addressed mini bosses above, drop the Infinity, Mad House, Unkempt Harold and Hammer Buster, respectively. So look forward to be able to acquire these legendary weapons on TVHM/UVHM playthroughs.

Additionally, since this is a hot fix, you must be connected to the internet as soon as you reach the main menu, as hot fixes are applied once your are connected to the Shift server.

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