New Call of Duty: WWII Playlist Update Adds Weapon Tweaks, Carentan Coming Back Next Week (Update)


As expected, Sledgehammer has listed the full playlist update notes! Check ’em out below (via Reddit):


FG 42

  • Recoil buff
  • Slight fire rate buff

Grease Gun

  • Recoil adjustment to give player more control
  • ADS transition time buff


  • ADS transition time nerf

Lee Enfield

  • ADS transition time buff

Combat Shotgun

  • Slight Max Damage range nerf, still overall buff to where it was at launch of game

Sawed-Off Shotgun

  • Max and Mid Damage range buff
  • Buff to number of pellets to kill
  • Reload time buff
  • Hip spread nerf


  • Moved defensive start spawns in S&D on Sainte Marie du Mont
  • Moved CTF flag positions back on London Docks

Original Story:

We’ve reported it multiple times before, but it’s finally here! There’s a new Call of Duty: WWII playlist update that should include the new weapon tuning balances from Sledgehammer Games. Some of the tuned weapons in the playlist update should include: the FG 42, Grease Gun, Kar98k, Lee Enfield, Combat Shotgun, and the Sawed-Off Shotgun.

Check out Sledgehammer Games boss Michael Condrey’s post on Reddit earlier today to know more about the planned changes.

Weapon tuning update coming today, Health Regen soon. from WWII

As mentioned previously, there is a lot coming in the weeks ahead. In fact, all added together, it’s the most ambitious update we’ll have put out in a single month of post-launch Call of Duty. New content, new ways to play, updates, fixes, surprises, and more… all just around the corner.

Today, we’re rolling out a weapon tuning update ahead of the weekend, and the start of CWL Proleague Stage 1 on Jan 23. Weapon balance is one of the most important live changes we do, and today’s changes are intended to address some key balance issues. On the surface they are all small turns of the dial, yet we are excited to see how they address community feedback and internal design goals over the weekend. Tuned weapons today include the FG 42, Grease Gun, Kar98k, Lee Enfield, Combat Shotgun and the Sawed-Off Shotgun. Keep an eye out for an update on specific changes via SHG soon.

Also, as an update to yesterday’s post, we are closing in on a tuning change to increase the health regen speed. I think we’ll see those changes land early next week. But I reserve the right to be wrong on that date 🙂

In addition, we are talking about friendly shell shock and what changes, if any, we might want to make there. Active discussion, no conclusion yet. But we’ve heard your feedback and are chewing on it.

Finally, we loved seeing fan reaction to Winter Carentan over the Winter Siege event. It’s a super iconic Call of Duty MP map tracing back to its roots in Call of Duty 2. For Call of Duty WWII, it’s non-traditional flow brings a welcome pace change to the map rotation. Look for its return starting next week in all map playlists.

Happy Thursday, all. Feels like Christmas in January! – Condrey

The tl;dr version of it is: weapon tuning playlist update out today, Carentan map will be back next week across all game modes, health regen speed buff might come next week, and friendly shellshock is still being discussed internally.

According to Sledgehammer, the full weapon changes will be posted by the studio, so expect an update on this post soon.

Go test the new guns out and let us know how they feel, soldiers!

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