New Dead Island 2 Gameplay Reveals the Game’s First 11 Minutes

dead island 2 gameplay

Some new footage for Dead Island 2 just got released, and this one features the first 11 minutes of the game’s story. The Dead Island 2 gameplay footage shows in-game cutscenes, combat, and a final wide shot of Los Angeles, or as it’s called in the game, HELL-A.

Here’s the full gameplay video below (Spoiler warning for those who’d rather play the story blind):

The beginning of Dead Island 2 follows Ryan, one of the game’s playable Slayer characters. He wakes up in the middle of a plane crash with a severe wound in his torso, prompting him to look for a medkit and tend to his wounds before finding other survivors. After a bit of searching across the scattered plane debris, he comes across three others who made it out of the crash, one of them being a famous actress named Emma Jaunt. As more survivors are found beneath the wreckage, Emma and the other two leave Ryan alone, forcing him to defend himself against a slew of zombies with a sledgehammer and a few other weapons. The gameplay ends with Ryan making his way deeper into the city.

Dead Island 2 crawls out this April 21 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via the Epic Games Store. Stay tuned for our review hitting the site soon!

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