New Destiny 2 Weekly Reset – January 28, 2020

new destiny 2 weekly reset

Thanks to Bungie’s on-going maintenance of Destiny 2, this week’s new Destiny 2 weekly reset is a wee bit late given, y’know, we have to wait for the actual servers to go up before we know of these, but here it is!

New Destiny 2 Weekly Reset – January 28, 2020:



  • Scarlet Keep


  • Strange Terrain
  • Will of Thousands
  • Broodhold

That’s basically what you need to know right now. We’ll update the post with the rest of the info once we can or at least when the Reddit bot stops reacting to the server maintenance.

Don’t forget that a new Destiny 2 patch has been deployed, and there’s quite a fair number of fixes. You can check that out here. Also of note, that latest patch might have affected the way you approach Nightfalls for this week’s reset of activities (just a hunch).

Once we get the list sorted, we’ll update the post to reflect the changes and new activities.

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