New Insurgency Patch Adds Linux Support Along With Free Content Updates

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Insurgency, the military-inspired shooter from developer New World Interactive, is once again being expanded with brand new content in another free update on Steam.

The Conquer Update, now available, add Linux support, in addition to an official Steam Controller profile for users of Steam’s new product. There’s also a new cooperative mode, a new map, and a ton of improvements to existing environments. New weapons include the Galil assault rifle, Sterling sub machine gun, and Model 10 revolver. Be sure to check out the overview trailer above.

You’ll find the full changelog on Insurgency’s official website, but here’s what’s new when it comes to content:

New Engine Features

  • SteamOS and Linux support
  • Added official Steam Controller profile

New Game Features

  • New Conquer Cooperative mode. Secure and hold three objectives, while seeking out enemy weapon caches to cripple their supply.
  • New navigation mesh spawning system allowing the game to have three times more coop scenarios while reducing the game by 1.5gb on your hard drive. New coop scenarios which were previously not supported include Conquer (day and night), Hunt (day), Outpost (night) and Survival (day).
  • All new AI behaviors including use of cover, retreating, weapon based stances, bipod usage, pistol swap, arousal system; improved combat logic, use of grenades and targeting system
  • New environment interaction features including sprinklers, breakable radios, cash registers, breakable pots, improved breakable vehicle windows.

New Maps

  • Kandagal.
  • Layout for Contact expanded, with day and night versions.

Weapons and Upgrades

  • Galil assault rifle.
  • Sterling sub machine gun.
  • Model 10 revolver.
  • Grenade launcher sights.
  • Extended magazines.
  • Updated M1 Carbine & L1A1 SLR models.
  • Updated first person pistol animations.
  • New M4A1, M16A4 & MK18 first person animations.
  • New Grenade, Molotov, C4 & IED first person animations.
  • 7x scope is now available on the M16A4 for the designated marksman.

Insurgency is now being featured in the latest Humble Bundle. Otherwise, it’s available on Steam for $14.99 USD.