New Insurgency Patch Hammers Down On Many Issues, Improves Loading Times

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Insurgency developers New World Interactive have launched a brand new update that aims to improve the game on many levels.

On the official Insurgency forum, developer “JBlum” notes that the studio has kept their “ears low to the ground and have been working hard on an update to address many issues and concerns.” He adds that it has ultimately been the studio’s goal “to weigh down on these issues like a hammer instead of applying band-aids.”

Players will need to “essentially re-download the game” with the new update, says Blum, though it won’t take up too much hard drive space as many files will be replaced and will improve loading times in the end.

You can check out the full list of patch notes below. There’s a lot to go through, so don’t miss out on the details.

Insurgency February 4 Patch Notes

Content & Features

  • Added global bans system allowing us to globally ban known hackers/exploiters of the game who ruin other peoples’ gaming experiences or impersonate NWI developers. To report a suspected hacker/exploiter/impersonator, please go here.
  • Added VPK support to the game, which should improve loading times and allow servers to better determine the purity of clients connecting to servers.
  • Re-introduced “sv_pure” into the game. If set to 1 (default), it will verify the purity of the client’s files but allow players to use custom models, skins, sounds, etc. If set to 2, it will enforce complete purity.
  • Weapon attachments are now visible on others’ weapons.
  • Updated Heights, Heights (Coop), Contact, Ministry and Training.
  • Updated Search and Destroy game mode. Defenders get a single reinforcement wave instead of respawning when the attackers destroy one of their caches.
  • Added “Affirmative” and “Negative” radial commands so subordinates can better respond to their commanders.
  • Added 2 round burst to the UMP-45.
  • Added new suppressor models for both teams.
  • Added front and backblast particle effects for RPGs and AT-4s, as well as a rocket trail particle.
  • Added armor impact particle effects so players can better tell whether they hit someone in their armor or if they hit the flesh.
  • Added “Setup Microphone” option in Audio Options which allows people to set their mic volume.
  • Added a developer icon to the scoreboard next to the names of developers. There have been instances of players out there impersonating developers.. please do not take someone seriously as being a developer unless they have this developer tag next to their name in the scoreboard.
  • Added “hud_stream_friendly” convar which will remove various references to the current server name from the UI if you are streaming and do not want viewers to discover what server you’re in.
  • Added community translations for German, Russian, Dutch, Polish and Simplified Chinese.


  • K:D is no longer shown if you are alive and outside your spawn area, so players can’t use the K:D counter to determine if they got a kill or not. Players can still see their K:D when they are in their spawn, they are dead, or it’s the end of the round/game.
  • Found and reduced an issue where the client and server would play two different player animations. The changes we’ve made should reduce hit-box misalignment and further improve hit detection.
  • The amount of magazines you get are now a bit more limited, so you have to actually take your mag capacity into some consideration.
  • Took measures to reduce accidental team-killing.
  • Reduced post-game timer so it is not quite as long before the map changes.
  • Improved slide some more based on feedback.
  • You can now discover a cache or a decoy cache site with the radial menu and line of sight instead of being forced to walk up to them.
  • Increased bot difficulty in Checkpoint (used to scale from 0-2, now it scales from 1-3)
  • Bots are now more selective when deciding whether to investigate or not. This reduces “herding” quite a bit.
  • You can no longer knife during round countdown.
  • Radial commands are now issued to your squad no matter where they are on the map, so voice in the game is synonymous with Voice Over IP.
  • You can now un-assign an objective as commander.
  • You can now escape the radial menu without choosing an option as a commander.
  • Radial voice commands are now affected by DSP.
  • Improved localization support for voice command subtitles.
  • Removed the “toggle floating HUD” default key bind so players don’t accidentally hide their HUD and not know why their navigation is gone.
  • Added a default bind for tactical map – set to “n”.
  • Tracers now come from the right position in third person.
  • Improved M16 world model texture.
  • Set the maximum FOV setting to 110.
  • Fixed left arrow on selection options in the main menus that have more than 2 settings.
  • Some subtle Kit UI improvements including some overlap fixes for 16:10.
  • Some Vote UI improvements.
  • “Impending attack” music in Push, SND and Strike will now only play on the first round of a game instead of every round.
  • Disabled “X attacked a teammate” messages in the server console for damage caused by bots.


  • Fixed “no free edicts” server crash.
  • Fixed infinite loop / “Alarm Clock” crash on Linux servers.
  • Took measures against mass kill hacks.
  • Disabled setinfo name so hackers can’t change their name to avoid detection and voteban.
  • Optimized the blood impact particle more to hopefully reduce crashing when being shot up.
  • Redid Avatar implementation on scoreboard, hopefully reducing crashes people are getting related to the scoreboard.
  • Removed redundant ability entities, which should free up some network traffic.
  • Fixed an exploit in S&D and Strike where commanders could mark undiscovered caches, displaying the “attack” indicator on the bottom objective display if the cache location exists.
  • Precached a bunch of radial menu/marker materials so there is no more slowdown when players set a waypoint.
  • Fixed auto-switchteams functionality.
  • Removed semi-automatic fire mode option for MP-40.
  • Fixed ambient generic environment sounds that were not playing.
  • Fixed kill count in Cooperative.
  • Fixed reference pose bug which was caused by switching to your knife during a prone transition.
  • Fixed grenades not colliding with the vphysics block in Training.
  • Fixed a bug in Checkpoint where counter-attack music would occasionally play at the end of a round.

Voting Changes

  • Added a convar “sv_vote_kick_min_voters” for server operators to determine how many vote kicks a player needs to receive in order for a vote kick to actually start. We have set the default to 2.
  • If a player leaves/disconnects while being accused of hacking or trolling, they should no longer be able to escape the ban.
  • In order to pass a nextlevel vote, 55% of the server must vote and the vote must simply be the majority.
  • In order to vote kick an idle player, 20% of the server must vote and the vote must simply be the majority.
  • In order to vote ban an excessive team killer for 10 minutes of cooling off, 25% of the server population must vote and there has to be at least 2x as many Yes votes as No votes in order for the vote to pass.
  • In order to vote ban someone who is trolling for an hour, 40% of the server population must vote and there has to be at least 2x as many Yes votes as No votes.
  • In order to vote ban someone who appears to be hacking for 4 hours, 60% of the server population must vote and there has to be at least 2x as many Yes votes as No votes.
  • All of the above are setup as server-side convars (listed in greater detail below), so let us know what you find to be the most effective.