New Modern Warfare & Warzone Texture Pack Released on Next-Gen, PS4 Pro & Xbox One X, Supports “Most Detailed Textures” (Update)

New Modern Warfare & Warzone Texture Pack

If you want the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & Warzone textures to look better and you have a next-gen console (or a PS4), then you’re in luck! Activision has rolled out a new Modern Warfare & Warzone Texture Pack (called Texture Pack 3) for next-gen and on the PS4 Pro (and Xbox One X)!

UPDATE: We’ve update the post to reflect that the texture pack is also available on Xbox One X. We checked it to be sure and added a screenshot below, along with the file size.

It’s (naturally) a free download available on each platform’s digital storefront, and on PlayStation platforms, it clocks in at 8.36GB and 7.9GB on Xbox. In the add-on’s description it states that “This pack supports the most detailed textures for weapons and Operators in Modern Warfare and Warzone.”

It’s also only recommended for PS4 Pro and PS5 players with “high-resolution displays.”

Here’s what gamers will see when they check it out on the PlayStation Store:

We’re assuming that Activision is referring to 4K when it mentions “high-resolution displays” in the description. Of course, this is assuming you have enough space left and aren’t using a base PS4 with just 500GB of disk space since Activision has cautioned that the OG PS4 might not be enough to handle Warzon’es disk space capacity (and it looks like it needs the PS4 Pro’s extra horsepower too).

Give this a whirl. Call of Duty: Warzone fans and let us know if it’s a major improvement or not.


We have just confirmed that it is also available on Xbox Series X and Xbox One X! Screenshot below:

Thanks, ModernWarzone!

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7 thoughts on “New Modern Warfare & Warzone Texture Pack Released on Next-Gen, PS4 Pro & Xbox One X, Supports “Most Detailed Textures” (Update)

  1. Not that much improvement on the PS5 end of things. At least not with a 4k @120hz tv

    Any update for the PS5 that includes the PS4 pro is most likely a whatever type update. They need to add 4K & 1440p @120hz as well as FOV for anything to mean anything on warzone for PS5.

    1. 1440p@120hz is not supported by the PS5 so they wouldn’t be able to add that functionality.

    2. Honestly I find absurd that a brand new console that’s supposed to run games at 4k, and call of duty warzone being over 120 gb alone, couldn’t include a larger internal storage. And proprietary storage for Xbox it’s BS.

  2. can not find the pack on the xbox store, did they romeve it or something?

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