New Nintendo Direct Scheduled for February 17, Will Have 50 Minutes of Nintendo Switch News and Updates

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Get ready for some of the latest and greatest news to come from the world of Nintendo, as the company has scheduled their very first new Nintendo Direct livestream event for February 17 — and it will have 50 minutes of Nintendo Switch news and updates that fans can look forward to for 2021 and beyond.

Here’s the official tweet from Nintendo themselves.

As with all Nintendo Direct events, expect exciting news, updates, trailers, and announcements to come from the company behind Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, Kirby, and other iconic video game properties that have been beloved by fans over the years.

As the tweet mentions, we can expect a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate announcement to arrive as well — meaning that it may be the newest DLC character for Season Pass Vol. 2. So far the characters added to the growing roster of fighters include Min Min from ARMS, Steve & Alex from Minecraft, and the legendary antagonist of Final Fantasy 7 himself — Sephiroth. There are three more challenger pack slots yet to be revealed — so it could be a good bet that we’ll be seeing an update and/or reveal during this Nintendo Direct.

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