New Rainbow Six Siege Operators Gameplay and Tips Revealed

R6 Siege Update 01.000.009

New Rainbow Six Siege Operators get some love!

Just the other day, we mentioned that new details regarding the new Rainbow Six Siege Operators  — Finka and Lion — would be revealed soon along with gameplay. Well, “soon” is now, as Ubisoft has released a new trailer showcasing the abilities of the two Operators, and even some gameplay tips on how to use them.

We see Finka’s Adrenal Surge used to great effect. It can be used twice per round, the Adrenal Surge gives an additional health boost and can even revive downed (but not out) allies anywhere in the map! Too overpowered? You’ll see the drawbacks for the ability as well.

As for Lion, the dude has an indestructible aerial drone called the “EE1D” that can scan the entire map, and tag enemies wherever they are! This ability can be used three times per match, but gamers can avoid being tagged by not moving their feet. You can crouch in place, stand in place, and wait for the on-screen timer to be over.

Watch the abilities in action below.

Don’t forget, Rainbow Six Siege has a free trial going on right now for all platforms. Check out Finka and Lion’s loadouts here as well.

Which new Operator will you be trying out? Are the new abilities too much? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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