New Rainbow Six Siege Trailer Profiles The French GIGN

Meet the French GIGN, one of the world’s most elite units that will join four others in the fight against terrorism in Rainbow Six Siege, including the FBI SWAT and the British Counter-Terrorist Unit.

Ubisoft’s latest trailer profiles each member of the French GIGN — Montagne, Twitch, Doc, and Rook — highlighting their strengths and abilities. They’re heavily armored and nearly impenetrable in their defensive capabilities with gadgets like the ballistic shield and the ability to revive squad-mates.

Have a look at the overview trailer above to see the unit in action. You can also catch some basic profile information below, but you’ll find many more details on each member at the following links:

Rainbow Six Siege launches on October 13. Meanwhile, the PC, PS4, and Xbox One beta will begin on September 24.


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