New Saints Row Game Being Developed by Volition

new saints row game

While publisher Deep Silver might be releasing Saints Row: The Third Remastered next month, some might be wondering if that means a new Saints Row game is in development. Well, the short answer is, yes.

Over on Twitter (via GameRant), a fan mentioned how he doesn’t want a remaster, but a new Saints Row game. Thankfully, the official Saints Row Twitter account reminded him that the remaster is being developed by Sperasoft, and not franchise devs, Volition.

Mind, given how crazy Saints Row 4 has become, I have no clue where Volition is taking Saints Row 5 — or whatever it is they call the next entry. Perhaps a soft reboot of sorts? I personally think it’ll be a while, hence why they’re releasing Saints Row: The Third Remastered first, so fans can then move on to Saints Row 4 Remastered, before the next new entry is released.

Where do you want to see Volition take the Saints Row franchise? Let us know your thoughts down below.

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