New Tactics Ogre: Reborn Screenshots and Gameplay Details Revealed

tactics ogre reborn screenshots

Square Enix has released new Tactics Ogre: Reborn screenshots and artwork showcasing the game’s Classes and a number of levels, and has also revealed additional gameplay details including the new “Relics” items which can be upgraded and stacked to combat more powerful enemies.

Six Tactics Ogre: Reborn Classes have been revealed:

  • Skeleton
  • Ghost
  • Lich
  • Golem
  • Dragon
  • Gryphon

Check out the official artwork of these Classes:

The in-game codex is called the “Warren Report,” and chronicles the player’s journey through Valeria and contains special information about events and characters in a database format:

Three Tactics Ogre: Reborn stages “Phorampa Wildwood,” “Palace of the Dead,” and “The Pirate’s Graveyard” have been showcased, each with their own unique challenges and terrain features:

Relics are a new type of item that can be combined with other instances of the same item to upgrade crucial stats, such as attack type, element, and racial resistance. The upgrades can be stacked in order to combat stronger enemies:

Tactics Ogre: Reborn releases November 11 (pre-orders open) for the PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch, while its PC version goes live the following day on November 12. Check out the announcement trailer which showcased gameplay footage from the reimagined tactical RPG title.

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