Next Rainbow Six Siege Update Will Introduce The Brazilian CTU, New Improvements Detailed

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Rainbow Six Siege’s next big update will mark the coming of the game’s third season, which also means new content and more game improvements. Operation Skull Rain is “set in the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,” says developer Ubisoft, which means fans will likely get their hands on new Operators from the Brazilian Counter-Terrorist Unit.

Aside from introducing a new location and a pair of new Operators, Ubisoft says the primary goal of Siege’s next update is the game’s health.

The health improvements include animation clipping, replay system, exploitable glitches, and anti-cheat. You read that right; we will soon be deploying the first integration of an additional anti-cheating system to our game: BattlEye.

According to the studio, BattlEye is a “client-side anti-cheating system that prevents players from loading the game when detecting cheats.” More details on the launch of the preliminary integration of BattlEye (Beta) are to come, says Ubisoft.

In the coming update, the studio has “also improved the Kill cam accuracy” by tweaking a few things to “make the replay camera as accurate as possible from the perspective of the player.” Last is a focus on dynamic clipping for skinned objects. Ubisoft says the improvement here “reduces greatly the amount of body parts leaking through walls and shield.”

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Skull Rain launches on August 2. Fans can expect a full reveal on July 30 during the during the Xbox Pro League final.

Source: Ubisoft