NHL 21 Update 1.10 October 20 Slapped Out

EA NHL 21 Update 1.30 December 3

While we’ve already posted about the big NHL 21 day one update, EA Vancouver has released the NHL 21 update 1.10 October 20 patch! This should be live on the PS4 by the time you read this, with the Xbox One version getting it at a later date.

Head on below for the list of confirmed changes.

NHL 21 Update 1.10 October 20 Patch Notes:

Here are the official list of changes via the game’s Community Manager:


  • Fixed an issue where HUT and Creation Zone icons would be missing on the PS4 system when going into game priper to the full game installing



  • Fixed an issue where the skating style preview animations weren’t displaying the slider adjustments properly
  • Stick Checking:
  • Fixed a case where sometimes pokechecks would not go the direction intended
  • Fixed an issue with the defensive skill tripping logic
  • HUT:

Autcion House:

  • Fixed an issue where a user would sometimes crash when purchasing an item in the auction house

World of CHEL:


  • Fixed stability issues found in post game UI

That’s pretty much it for today’s changes. If you spot any gameplay-related changes not mentioned above, leave a comment below and we’ll check it out. If it’s legit, we’ll update the post and credit you.

NHL 21 is out now on the PS4 and Xbox One.

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