Nioh 2 Update 1.17 October 14 Patch Brings the “Darkness in the Capital” Data (Update)

Nioh 2 Update 1.17 October 14

Team Ninja has rolled out the Nioh 2 update 1.17 October 14 patch, and this is primarily for the previously announced “Darkness in the Capital” premium DLC that’s set to become available tomorrow, October 15! Check out the details below.

Note: the offical patch notes are now available, as the patch for Nioh 2’s Japan version just came out today (October 15)! Head on below.

Nioh 2 Update 1.17 October 14 Patch Notes:

Additional content “Heiankyo Demon Den”

▶ ︎ About how to play “Heiankyo Demon Den”

* It will be released by purchasing the additional content “Heiankyo Demon Den” or “Nioh 2 Season Pass”.


  • Added new story “Heiankyo Demon Den”
    * To play “Heiankyo Demon Den”, you need to clear the main story.

  • Added new weapon type “back”
    * It will be available from the beginning.

    Manki's armor

  • High difficulty mode can be played
    • Difficulty “Shura no Yumeji”
      You can unlock it by purchasing one or more of the three paid additional contents (DLC) (*) or “Nioh 2 Season Pass” and capturing “Ayakashi no Yumeji”. .. In “Shura no Yumeji”, you will be able to acquire more powerful equipment, soul charges, and picture scrolls, and the upper limit of player level and skill level, and the limit value of + value due to soul matching will also increase.
    • Difficulty “Enlightenment Dream Road”
      Purchase any two or more of the three paid additional contents (DLC) (*), or purchase the “Nioh 2 Season Pass” and unlock it by capturing “Shura no Yumeji”. I will. In “Enlightenment Dream Road”, you will be able to acquire more powerful equipment, soul charges, and picture scrolls, and the player level, parameters, upper limit of skill level, and the limit value of + value due to soul matching will also increase. Also, “Kamiho”, which is a higher rarity than “Sacred Treasure”, will now drop.

      * Paid additional content “Ushiwaka Senki” is being distributed / “Heiankyo Demon Den” is being distributed / “Taichi Samurai Secret History” will be distributed in the future
  • Addition of new youkai, souls, and youkai techniques
  • Added new guardian spirit
  • Added new weapons, armor and accessories
  • Addition of new secretary skills
  • Added new gestures and copies
  • Added new trophies, titles and play records
  • Added special effects and alignment effects to equipment and picture scrolls that can be obtained in the dream road of enlightenment.
Free update
  • It is a function that will be released when you clear the main part of the new element “Stone of Difficulty” and will be available in the company.
    You can receive “Stone of Difficulty” in exchange for small items, and while you have “Stone of Difficulty”, your enemies will become stronger and the drop rate of rare equipment will increase a little. .. If you continue to defeat the enemy in that state, the achievement level of “Difficult Stone” will be accumulated, and if you accumulate to the maximum, you will be able to memorialize “Difficult Stone”. By offering a memorial service, small items will be returned along with the reward, and at that time, the performance of the small items will be enhanced with a probability.

    * The effect of strengthening enemies and increasing the drop rate by “Stone of Difficulty” will be invalid during multiplayer, and the amount of increase in achievement will also decrease.
  • Added new yin and yang skills
  • Added new “hairstyle”, “face decoration” and “body decoration” to the appearance settings
  • Adjustments regarding onmyodo
    • Overall relief of rigidity after onmyodo
    • “Shikigami / Fire Bullet”, “Shikigami / Water Bullet”, “Shikigami / Thunder Bullet”, “Shikigami / Fire Bomb”, “Shikigami / Water Fang”, “Shikigami / Thunder Fulu” “,” shikigami-fire Degree “,” expressions of God, lightning Degree “,” shikigami-water Degree ”
      upward adjustment of the growth of the damage caused by the surgery force
      ” marks surgery, Hidanfu “is also foundation damage rise
      of surgery cost Relaxation and upward adjustment of workmanship
    • “Fulu / Fulu”
      Adjusted the time of wearing a fireball upward
    • “Marks surgery, Ki衝符”
      surgery force upward adjustment of the growth of the damage and the effect of time due to the
      surgery cost of mitigation
    • Reducing the
      cost of “Fulu / Fulu”
    • Reducing the
      cost of “Fulu / Fulu Invitation” and adjusting the number of feats upward
    • “Fulu / Innerness Release”
      Adjusts damage upwards according to weapon performance. Reduces
      surgical costs and adjusts the number of items.
    • Reducing the
      cost of “Fulu / Inner Sublimation” and adjusting the number of items upward
  • Ninjutsu and adjustments for ninjutsu items
    • “Illusion / Fifth place fire”, “Illusion / Raijin water”, “Illusion / Thunder”, “Illusion / Burning hell”, “Illusion / Hakkan hell”, “Illusion / Raiden hell”
      Ninja skill mystery “Yin” Changed
      to exclude damage increase due to “Shinobi no Kiwami” Increased damage
    • Adjusted the number of “Iga-ryu gunpowder balls” upward
    • “Roasted ball” “Iga-ryu roasted ball”
      damage adjusted upward
    • “Iga-ryu large roasted ball”
      technique cost reduction
    • “Fire sword”
      damage adjusted upward
    • “Makibishi” “Makibishi Ball Technique”
      Adjusted power damage upward
      “Makibishi Ball Technique” reduces the cost of surgery
    • Changed to deal energy damage to “Buried Fire / Pure Earth”
    • “Smoke ball technique”
      Reduced cost and adjusted the number of preparations upward
    • “The art of tiger vision”
      When shooting an arrow, adjust downward so that the power of the raised arrow decreases by a certain amount by continuing to aim
  • Adjustments related to soul charges and youkai techniques
    • Adjusted the growth of youkai skills by raising them.
    • When using the youkai technique of “Shuten-doji”, the two advantageous effects of “Spirit” and “Spirit” are given, and the timing of attack occurrence is adjusted upward.
    • Adjusted so that the wheels of the ghost technique of the soul era “Kasha” weaken the strength to push the character and do not push it excessively
    • Adjusted the damage of the youkai technique of the soul era “Otakemaru” downward.
    • Adjusted the following special effects of souls upward
      • “Damage of fast attack” and “Dash power” of “Kamaitachi”
      • “Damage from behind” and “Martial power damage” of “Tesso”
      • “Strong attack power damage” of “Ubume Bird”
      • “Dash’s energy” of “Rindo”
      • “Damage of attack” of “Osakabehime”
  • Adjustments regarding player actions
    • Adjusted the following points regarding the mystery of “Naginata Kama”
      • Adjusted upward to increase the time of favorable effect
      • Adjusted the power of a powerful blow that can be activated when you have accumulated up to the 5th stage
    • Adjusted so that the fast attack of “Yokai / Phantom” can easily hit enemies with large movements.
    • Adjusted to increase the power damage received if you are not scared during the attack operation
    • Adjusted so that fast attacks while avoiding the upper back of “Ax”, “Tonfa”, and “Naginata Kama” can easily reach
    • Adjusted so that attacks while avoiding the “prepared club” can easily reach
    • Changed the icon to a dedicated one for the advantageous effect of increasing the attack power of the training club martial art “Ssangyong Ranbu”
    • Changed to be able to interrupt the gesture “Fuefuki” in the middle
  • Mission-related adjustments
    • Adjusted the performance of wooden weapons equipped by players in training field missions after “Shura no Yumeji”.
    • Adjusted the number of equipment above the sacred treasure dropped by the boss after the difficulty level “Shura no Yumeji”.
    • Adjusted the rarity of weapon rewards for the training ground mission “Gekijou” on the difficulty level “Samurai no Yumeji”.
    • In the main mission “Enma no Reido” and the Omagatoki mission “Genma no Otori Wing” on the difficulty level “Shura no Yumeji”, enemies strengthened by wedges are excluded from being subject to “Shura no Ichiban”. Add to another enemy
    • Changed to drop the soul charge with confirmation when the following bosses are defeated for the first time in a specific mission
      • Tatari Mokke
      • Nue
    • Extend the grace period for successful feats for some of the big moves of “Kusarigama”
  • Adjustments related to various effects and abnormal conditions
    • Changed to calculate each effect by addition instead of multiplication when multiple advantageous effects that increase attack power are activated at the same time.
    • Adjusted the attack power when youkai weapons are activated.
    • Advantageous effect Adjusted downward so that energy consumption when activating “Frenzy” is large
    • Changed the samurai skill “Shiden” so that the special effect of “martial arts” is applied instead of “strong attack”.
    • Changed the name of the special effect “Reflect bullets with the last guard” to “Reflect missiles with the last guard” according to the actual behavior.
    • Added explanation about the same martial arts to the explanation of the special effect “multi-talented”
    • Changed so that the disadvantageous effect of “Defense reduction” will always occur if you strike while the special effect “Defense reduction by grouping” is activated.
  • Other adjustments
    • Expanded to display the mission information selected in the room when displaying the room list in the “Custom Match” search of “Eternal companion”
    • Changed to display as full instead of error if the room is full and cannot be entered at the time of matching in “Eternal companion”
    • Changed to be able to raise the level of “○○ training” skill at once on the “Skill acquisition” screen
    • Changed to be able to dispose of picture scrolls from the “Picture scroll list” screen
    • Changed to be able to select controller type custom initialization from controller types A to F
    • Changed to be able to apply level sync to all missions within the same difficulty level
    • Expanded to be able to change the protection of all volumes at once in the company’s “Protection of Kodama”
    • Changed to display the parameter name for “Reflect to attack power” of the weapon
    • Changed to be able to check the status with the R2 button in “Modify” of “Blacksmith”
    • Changed to memorize the number of “Sacred Treasure Fragments” used immediately before in “Forging” of “Blacksmith”
    • Added “Confirmation during forging” item to the menu settings and changed so that confirmation during forging can be hidden.
    • In “Ability Flowering”, the fire resistance when raising “heart” and the water resistance when raising “bu” are adjusted upward.
    • Changed the special effects of equipment that appears in “Forging” of “Blacksmith” so that the result will be the same even if you quit the application and try again with the same procedure.
    • Abolished auto-save when executing “re-burning” and “forging” of “blacksmith”
    • Changed to display the change in status when each item is selected in “Recommended placement” of “Tea set” of “Remodeling”
    • When a large number of damage displays occur in succession, the display time for each item is shortened so that display delays are less likely to occur.
    • Reduced loading time when returning to the base screen
    • Adjusted to make the decoration of the helmet translucent so that the aim is easy to see when holding the large cylinder with the “caterpillar front bird hair side helmet” equipped.
Bug fixes
    • Fixed a bug that the dual wield martial art “Double-headed slash” slows down while activating the advantageous effect that increases the movement speed
    • Fixed a bug where “Secret Sword / Swallow” could not be issued as it was when using the Odachi martial art “Yukaze / Ground”.
    • Fixed a bug that the special effect “Multi-talented” does not count when hit by the Odachi martial arts “Asakaze” and “Yukaze”.
    • Fixed a bug that the Tonfa martial art “Senho” might be activated by a different operation.
    • Fixed a bug where the long press time was different depending on the stance when using the hatchet martial art “Black Wind Stop”.
    • Fixed a bug where the effect of the ninjutsu mystery “Yin Shinobu no Kiwami” was applied to the secret martial art “Otori Zan”.
    • Fixed a bug that could be pardoned by enemies when using the secret martial art “Otori Zan”
    • Fixed a bug that damage is reduced when the activation motion ends after the activation of the ghost technique of “Otakemaru”.
    • Fixed a bug that the light emission expression of the weapon may end in the middle when giving attributes to the weapon
    • Fixed a bug that special effects that were activated when defeating some enemies such as “Sanme Hachimen” were activated when attacking weak points.
    • Fixed a bug that the display around the shoulder may be temporarily strange when performing a specific action while copying to “Avidyā” or “Chiko Toyo”


    • Fixed a bug in the main mission “Sakura-no-Mura” where you couldn’t collect the sword mound by yourself if you lost your life at the place of the tombstone destroyed by “Ushitouki”
    • Fixed a bug in the main mission “The Angelus of Destruction” where some enemies would not be placed unless worshiped at the company after the middle boss battle.
    • Fixed a bug where a companion could not climb the ladder in the main mission “Reflected in the Eyes”
    • Fixed a bug in the submission “Okuni no Hidden” that the accompanying Akuni would not follow after the death of the boss.
    • Fixed a bug in the submission “Shadow Mission” where the orientation of certain doors would change when worshiping at the company.
    • Fixed a bug in the submission “Blood Roar” that could cause the accompanying NPC to get stuck after the skeleton died.
    • Fixed a bug in the first company of the main mission “Arashi Nagi Flute Voice” that the monotone effect remained when worshiping with a skeleton.
    • Fixed a bug in the main mission “The Angelus of Destruction” on the difficulty level “Shura no Yumeji” where some enemies in the darkness were not given the advantage of “Shura no Ichidoku”
    • Fixed a bug that some “picture scroll missions” may appear in a position where they can be moved outside the mission area when participating in the middle of the mission with “Eternal companion”.


    • Fixed a bug where “Yama-uba” attacks could hit through walls
    • Fixed a bug that the counter by martial arts might be activated for some big moves of “Kusarigama”
    • Fixed a bug where “Youki (Otsutsu)” might turn around instantly when holding a Otsutsu to a player behind it.
    • Fixed a bug that “Shuten-doji” has a low probability of using a big skill in the darkness


    • Fixed a bug where it was possible to place prosthetic mounds separately on the same mission with different difficulty levels.
    • Fixed a bug that could allow you to break into an uncleared mission in the “Takeshi Sekai”


    • Fixed a bug that the recommended level of the material picture scroll may not be properly inherited when performing “axis shift” of “Hyakuki Yakou Emaki”.
    • Fixed a bug that the special effect “Melee damage to paralyzed enemies” does not occur in some attacks such as youkai slaughter.
    • Fixed a bug where the special effect “Damage Reflection (Number of enemies killed in a predicament)” was not reflected in the damage with long-range weapons.
    • Fixed a bug that the performance of the following equipment was not appropriate (only the rarity below the top specialty)
      • Lowered the defense performance of “Borrower’s Armor Body”
      • Improved the defense performance of “Samurai General’s Middle Armor Knee Instep”
      • Increased the weight of “Innocent Armor Knee Instep”
    • Fixed a bug that the rarity of the youkai material “Clear Blade” of “Umibōzu” was different from what was expected.


  • Fixed a bug that the cursor shifts when turning pages when selecting an item name with the item filtering function.
  • Fixed a bug that picture scrolls did not hit when using the filtering function on the Favorites tab.
  • Fixed a bug that the value displayed in “Fall damage reduction rate” on the “Attached ability value” screen of “Status” is incorrect.
  • Fixed a bug that the explanation of special effects could not be displayed on the result screen of “Emaki Mission”.
  • Fixed a bug that the damage of grouping is not displayed when “Damage display of allies other than yourself” is set to “Hide” in “Game settings”
  • Fixed a bug where the level of the finished product might be displayed incorrectly in “Soul Matching” of “Blacksmith”.
  • Fixed a bug that the same “modification” as the current one can be performed in “modification” of “blacksmith”
  • Fixed a bug that the characters of the hanging scroll of “an” may not be displayed in certain languages.
  • Fixed a bug that subtitles were not displayed correctly when playing Yokai’s thoughts when “Language setting” was other than Japanese.
  • Fixed a bug that the loading screen of “Nio Monogatari Emaki” was not displayed properly.
  • Fixed a bug that subtitles were not displayed properly for some youkai in “Reproduction of Thoughts” in “Yokai Illustrated”.
  • Corrected the weakness information of “Yokai Illustrated” for the following youkai enemies
    • Umibozu
    • Nuppeppou
    • Haunted crab
  • Fixed a bug that the acquisition dialog was not displayed when defeating a specific enemy and obtaining the recipe for “Magic Khakkhara”.

Original Story:

Reliable Japanese gaming news fan BlackKite tweeted the following straight from the DLC 2 reveal digital event:

We’ve listed the official Darkness in the Capital content details below via Team Ninja!

Contents to be added:

■ New story “Heiankyo Demon Den”  ■ New weapon type
■ Higher difficulty mode  ■ New youkai, souls and youkai techniques
■ New guardian spirit  ■ New weapons, armor, accessories
■ New secretary skill  ■ New Equipment Rarity

New story “Ushiwaka Senki”

The protagonist finds a company with a so-called flute in Yashima, where there was a big battle. When I tried to find out, Sohayamaru shined brightly and landed on Yashima at the end of the Heian period as “Marebito”. And every time there is a big war in this country, there is a shadow of a youkai behind it, and he learns that the heroes have fought to regain peace by wielding Sohayamaru.

* To play “Ushiwaka Senki”, you need to clear the main story.

New weapon type “Shi込 Stick”

The training club is a weapon made by connecting several short sticks with a chain. By removing and fastening the seams of the rods, the length and movement can be changed flexibly. You can also remove the middle seam with the chain and use it like two nunchakus.
* It will be available from the beginning.

High difficulty mode “Shura no Yumeji”

You will be able to acquire more powerful equipment, soul charges, and picture scrolls (new elements), and the upper limit of the player level and the limit value of the + value due to soul matching will also increase.

* You will be released by capturing “Ayakashi no Yumeji”.

Addition of new youkai / soul charges and youkai techniques

Even more vicious new youkai block the way than the main story. New youkai souls and youkai techniques will also be added.

  • New guardian spirit
  • New weapons / armor / accessories
  • New secretary skills
  • New gesture / copy
  • New trophies / titles / play records
  • Special effects and alignment effects given to equipment available in Shura’s Yumeji

As for the gameplay adjustments included, we’ll update the post once it’s avaiable. Team Ninja is hosting a special program feauting J-Pop stars to commemorate the event! You can watch it here.

Update: Team Ninja has finally released the patch notes! We’ve updated the post and listed it above.

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