Nioh Update 1.23 February 1 Breaks Out

Nioh Update 1.23 February 1

With the Nioh Collection hitting the PS5 this week, Team Ninja has released the Nioh update 1.23 February 1 patch — yes, the old one just got a new patch today! While we’re not expecting any new content, this is mostly for PS5 cross-save functionality more than anything else.

Nioh Update 1.23 February 1 Patch Notes:

Here are the PS5 functionality changes made to Nioh 2 with today’s patch which most likely applies to the first game as well (via Team Ninja):

Additional elements
  • “Cross-save management” function added
    You can select from “SYSTEM” on the “Title screen”.
    You can upload the save data you have played on the PS4 ™ version, download it on the PS5 ™ version, and continue playing. (It is also possible to switch from the PS5 ™ version to the PS4 ™ version)

    * To download save data, you need to have the same account as the uploaded PSN account.
    * Trophy is treated differently for PS5 ™ version and PS4 ™ version.
    Some acquired trophies (those whose acquisition conditions are difficult to meet again) can be automatically acquired when the save data is loaded.
  • Supports cross-matching with PS5 ™ version
    * PS5 ™ version cannot be matched by friends. Use the secret word if you want to play with a specific user.

Team Ninja has not announced any gameplay-related changes, nor are we expecting any. That said, if we spot some, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

If you spot any changes or fixes, let us know down below in the comments.

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