Official Call of Duty App Trailer Shows You How To Use it

John Linden of Beachhead Studio walks viewers through the official Call of Duty companion app that released along side Call of Duty: Ghosts last week on November 5.

If you’ve spent any time at all with the app since it’s launch, you’ll notice a number of improvements over the original Call of Duty ELITE app that launched with Modern Warfare 3 in 2011. Some of the most noticeable additions include the 3D Create-a-Soldier as well as the app’s second screen functionality that can be used side-by-side with the actual game.

With the launch of the Call of Duty App, Linden explains that development was focused around four pillars; Companion Features, Clans, Second Screen, and Clan Wars. Check out all the details in the video below:

[youtube id=”Dt0GRng-l7o” width=”618″ height=”378″]

Second screen functionality has yet to roll out, but are you finding yourself using the Call of Duty App side by side with Call of Duty: Ghosts more often?

You can download the official Call of Duty app right here.

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