Official PlayStation Magazine Shoots Down Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Coverage

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June cover of the Official PlayStation Magazine has been leaked, promising on delivering readers the latest coverage on the PlayStation 5. And as exciting as that is, it’s what was also found on the cover that had many on the internet talking, as it presumably confirmed Horizon Zero Dawn 2 coverage. However, this proved to be rather misleading.

For those that don’t know, Horizon Zero Dawn received a comic that continued from where the original left off, essentially making it a sequel. As it turns out, this is what OPM was referring to when the cover mentioned Horizon Zero Dawn sequel.

There are some stories circulating of us revealing Horizon Zero Dawn 2 in our new issue (not on sale until next week). The cover story references a new comic from Titan which “continues” after the game. It seems some people are getting carried away.

Bummer, I was hoping we were going to get our first look at the sequel (which is definitely happening), though at the same time it would be weird to showcase it in a magazine rather than some gaming event or in video format.  Still, you can look forward to June’s Issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine next month when it goes on sale. Usually, they have some juicy previews of unreleased games, so you can look forward to that along with any potential new details they may have gotten around the PlayStation 5.

That said, while we won’t be hearing any official Horizon Zero Dawn 2 info there, the latest rumor points that it will include co-op of some form.