OlliOlli World Update 1.02 Grinds Out for Bug Fixes & More This March 16

olliolli world update 1.02

Roll7 has released the OlliOlli World update 1.02  (PS5 version 1.002) patch today, and this one is for a bunch of bug fixes and QoL improvements across platforms! Check out the full OlliOlli World March 16 update patch notes below.

OlliOlli World Update 1.02 Patch Notes | OlliOlli World Update 1.0.2 Patch Notes | OlliOlli World March 16 Update Patch Notes | OlliOlli World Update 1.002 Patch Notes:

OlliOlli World Update 1.0.2 – Bug Fixes & Quality of Life Changes

Our team have been hard at work on delivering a bunch of Bug Fixes and Quality of Life Changes to OlliOlli World in our latest 1.0.2 update.

  • Fix for display of placeholder UI and level blocker in Ironcast Deck Factory levels in Sketchside under rare conditions.
  • Fix for incorrect Button icon for Manuals on Switch.
  • Fix for League Score incorrectly satisfying Local Hero score and preventing item unlock.
  • Fixed rare issue causing UI elements and text to occasionally vanish on PS5.
  • Fix for other players’ pre-customisation outfits being shown in-game.
  • Various Challenge adjustments to remove incorrect values preventing intended completion in some levels.
  • Fix for isolated issue where a new player in Leagues could be given the wrong level and show a mismatched Replay.
  • Fix for Friend Leaderboards not refreshing new scores without leaving the level.
  • Fix for ‘No checkpoint’ markers being occasionally overwritten if revisiting a level.
  • Fix for Mastery count being incremented by one extra point incorrectly.
  • Fix for issue that could occasionally ‘uncomplete’ previously completed levels under specific conditions.
  • Removal of smashable floor in Landfill Mountain.

Thank you to our legendary QA team on OlliOlli World on continuing to crush bugs and help provide great quality of life updates to our community, and thank you to all in the community who continue to share with us bugs, feedback, incredible fan art and more to our team.


If you’ve spotted a bug on your travels across Radlandia, we want to hear about it. While we love Cloverbrook’s wallride-toting bees, and even the giant mutant flies in Sketchside have their charms – we’re definitely not fans of gameplay bugs!

You can send bug reports and general feedback to us directly through our social channels @OlliOlligame across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, and or directly to our Social & Community person at Roll7 (RobertRoll7#7426) via our OlliOlli World Community Discord. Our amazing QA team are suiting up as we speak to deal with any reports that roll in – we can’t always respond to your feedback individually, but we do see it all and we really appreciate it.

Gnarvana awaits! We can’t wait to see you there.

In case you missed it, check out our review of OlliOlli World here, where Time wrote, “Ultimately, if you are a skating or platforming fan, or you just like a stiff challenge, OlliOlli World is a must-play. It’s a good game that knows what its inspirations are and doesn’t try to be more than what it is. I can see myself coming back to it for a long time and I’m excited that we are getting such a solid start to the year.”

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