Outriders Accolades Farming – The Best Level to Farm Accolades

Outriders Accolades Farming

If you’re looking to get all those emotes, banners and whatnot available in Outriders, you’ll need to finish levels and levels of Accolades. Need help? We have just the thing with this Outriders Accolades farming guide. 

As a .1%’er in Outriders, I believe I have found THE spot for Accolade farming.  So if you’re like me and love achievements, in game cosmetics, and showing off your mastery of the game then you are in the right place!

Guide created by BoSolaris

Outriders Accolade Farming Guide

First off, we do have a few prerequisites to take care of, but don’t worry as no Legendary or Epic gear is required for this!  So let’s get started:

  1. Have the First City unlocked and completed
  2. An Accolade to go after
    1. Weapon kills
    2. Class kills
    3. Any Accolade that requires a skill use
    4. Recommended World Tier 1 for maximize speed and efficiency.

That is literally it!  Once you have this all you need to do is spec your class out into a farming spec (grab as many cool down and armor/shield perks for your skill that you are farming) and load up:

  1. Select story node ‘Reach the Other Side of the River’
  2. Select ‘Continue Game’
    Once you load in, run around and kite as many enemies together as you can
  3. Kill them for accolades or use your skills
  4. Do not kill them all, leave one alive
  5. Return to Lobby
  6. If you ended up killing them all, reselect the node
  7. Continue Game

MP1st James Editorial Comment: As a bonus, you can also crank your world tier down to 1 and if you are max rank with high level gear enemies won’t hurt you. You can literally kite every enemy into the corner of a stage to maximize speed and enemy kills. 

Keep this up until you finish your targeted Accolades!  As I said before, NO legendary or Epic gear is needed, though it may help you through being able to have more mods on your gear. Also, don’t forget that depending on what World Tier you have set, the area will have a higher enemy density providing you more opportunities for progress.  

From my farming in just an hour, I was able to finish off the last of my Accolades and reach the pinnacle achievements for Outriders.  With our guides, tips, and helpful tricks you too will be able to become part of the .1% of all players in Outriders. See you at the top!

If you’re interested in more guides, be sure to visit our official Outrider guides page.

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