Outriders New Gameplay Showcases Powers, Features & More; Monthly Show Announced

outriders new gameplay

Square Enix has revealed some Outriders new gameplay today showcasing some of the features, environments and what players can expect from People Can Fly’s upcoming RPG-shooter. Not only that, but we even get to see drop-in co-op, too.

Set in an all-new, dark sci-fi world, OUTRIDERS is a true genre hybrid that combines the depth and story of an RPG and the intensity of third-person shooter combat with awe-inspiring powers. Deep character progression and itemization allow for a wide variety of creative class builds, and evolve People Can Fly’s trademark over-the-top, skill-based gameplay to create a brutal RPG-shooter experience.

In the video above, we also get to see World Tiers, which is a scaling difficulty setting for the game that adjusts to the player’s skill level.

In addition to the Outriders new gameplay video, Square Enix has also announced the Outriders Broadcast, which is a monthly show where the devs talk about the various features of the title, The first episode is out now and you can watch it below.

The OUTRIDERS First City gameplay video is just one of the segments in the OUTRIDERS Broadcast, a new monthly show that will dive deep into the various features of the dark and desperate world of OUTRIDERS. Discover all-new gameplay, environments, character class deep dives, and updates from the team.

Outriders rides out this Holiday 2020 on the current-gen consoles, PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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