Outriders Update 1.25 Pushed Out This August 25 (Update)

Outriders Update 1.25

People Can Fly has released Outriders update 1.25 (PS5 version 1.025), which is an unexpected patch. Don’t expect any new content, as this once again brings fixes to the Worldslayer expansion and then some. Read on for what’s new in the Outriders August 25 patch notes.

Outriders Update 1.25 Patch Notes | Outriders Update 1.025 Patch Notes | Outriders August 25 Patch Notes:

Update: People Can Fly has shared the official patch notes for today’s title update  

  • Fixed a bug with the Technomancer’s Grim Inventor Set that was causing the Set Bonus to stop working consistently.
  • Resolved a number of issues with the Apocalypse Tier System which either prevented players from progressing or led to other players instantly levelling up their tiers.
  • Granted all character that had been missing an Ascension point their missing point.
    • The bug that caused this issue was fixed in a previous patch, but the work to grant the missing point had to be done separately.

The patch has been confirmed to be rolling out on console and PC platforms. The patch is currently with the Stadia team, who will release it as soon as it has passed their certification process.

People Can Fly has not released the official patch notes just yet, though that should change very soon. In the meantime, here are the confirmed items the studio is looking into per the latest dev update.

  • Patch News
    • We currently have a small patch in the works which is intended to wrap up some of the work that either wasn’t able to go into the previous patch or was identified after said patch.
    • This upcoming patch is planned to deal mainly with the following, though testing is still pending:
      • Fixing a bug that is causing the Grim Inventor Set Bonus to stop working after 2 procs.
      • Fixing a bug that is causing Client players Apocalypse Tier Progress to behave abnormally. In some cases the client might not gain any progression at all, in others the client might even skip through Apocalypse Tiers.
      • We previously fixed the bug that prevented characters from gaining their first Ascension point when transferred over from the base game to Worldslayer. This upcoming patch is planned to grant all previously affected with their missing Ascension point.
      • Fixing a bug that is causing the “Rockfall” mod to deal improper damage.
      • Committing the above mentioned T3 Mod drop rates and CDR changes to the build rather than the backend.
    • This patch will still be going through testing and submission next week, so a tentative release window is likely to be mid-to-late August.

Once the official patch notes are released, we’ll update the post ASAP, so stay tuned. If you haven’t picked up Worldslayer yet, go read our review right here to see if it’s worth your money.

Update: Full pacth notes have been released by People Can Fly. 

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