Overkill’s The Walking Dead Gets a Cheaper “Starter Edition” and Here’s What’s Included & What’s Not

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Just last week, we reported that Overkill’s The Walking Dead video game has performed as expected, and as a result, publisher Starbreeze is now aiming to reduce costs.

If you’re interested in the game, or want to give it a try but you’re balking at the full price, then you’re in luck! Starbreeze has announced the Overkill’s The Walking Dead “Starter Edition” version! It costs $29.99, though there’s a caveat for the reduced price, and it’s due to the second season of the game not being included.

Check out this FAQ from the game’s Steam page:

Q: How much does the Starter Edition cost?
A: It costs $29.99; for regional pricing please see the store page.

Q: What is included with the Starter Edition?
A: The Starter Edition includes the first season of OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead, meaning all the content released before, but not including, S02E01, launching today. Of course, you also get access to the ongoing improvements & fixes, regardless of version.

Q: What are the future episodes going to cost for owners of the Starter Edition?
A: That depends on the content of the episodes. Some have more content than others, and prices vary accordingly. The first episode of Season 2, releasing today, is $7.99. If you own the Standard or Deluxe Edition, it’s FREE, as is the rest of the Season 2 content, releasing up until June.

Will this be enough to kickstart the game’s sales? I honestly don’t know, but it’s a good start, right? Anyone getting the Starter Edition to test it out?