Overwatch 2 Survey Seeks Feedback on Cosmetics Price, Asks Players If They’re Willing to Spend $45 on a Character Skin

overwatch 2 free legendary skin

For Overwatch 2 players looking to stand out, how much are you willing to spend on character skins and other cosmetics in the game? Blizzard hopes it’s a lot, as an Overwatch 2 survey has been sent out to players, and it seems the target price listed so far for weapon, character skins and the like are pretty steep.

In case you didn’t know, Blizzard is releasing Overwatch 2’s PvP (player vs. player) component free for everyone. With that in mind, the studio (along with parent company Activision) looks to recoup development costs by not only featuring a Battle Pass into the game, but by selling cosmetics as well. One of the new cosmetics being introduced in Overwatch 2 are “mythic” skins, which the studio gave players a sneak peek into what they’d look like when released

In the survey sent out, it asks players if they are willing to spend $45 on mythic skins (!), and weapon charms at $10, and other cosmetic items at ridiculous prices. One “bundle” has three character sprays at $5, while another has an emote, highlight intro and a “souvenir” at $20.

8nfb5je3bne91.png (1052×436)

I don’t know about you, but $25 for a legendary skin is crazy given it’s close to half the price of most AAA boxed games sold these days. Perhaps Blizzard (and Activision) is thinking of selling skins at this prices to attract the filthy rich bastards players? Or perhaps to elicit some huge FOMO (fear of missing out) vibes? Whatever the case is, I doubt a lot of players will be happy at these prices.

What do you think? Are you willing to spend that much on character skins and other cosmetics to stand out? Leave your comment below and let us know.

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Jordi Geerts
1 year ago

You know for a fact many would actually pay that. Less would dare to admit it.

Activision will probably spin this as “Well it is just a survey. We were never planning to actually do it. No no, never at all.”

I frankly find it insane these things are still labeled as MICRO transactions. Micro means small or little.

This ain’t little or small. Even 5 bucks for a skin is seriously pushing it.

1 year ago

Overwatch 1 PC costs $40. Goes on sale regularly for $20 or $10 and includes hundreds of extremely easy to get legendary skins. While I think other playerbases might pony up I think Overwatch players have had it fairly priced for too long.

If they expect more then a couple dozen Overwatch players to spend more than half the price of the game on a single legendary skin those executives are insane. $19 for a brand new category heavily custimizeable mythic skin is TOPS and even then I wouldn’t expect more than 1/15 of people to buy it. Some Overwatch competitive players just use default skins too since they love them the best. If they charge more than $2.99 (ideally 99¢ and individually picked) for a legendary it might backfire on them and be seen as almost shameful to have paid macrotransaction cosmetics. Plenty of stellar games have hundreds of hours of content between $10-25 range. It’s a really tough sell to push anything over $15 but I know they are counting on the whales

Michael Brookfield
1 year ago

Ppl will continue to buy it as they have no self control. Gamers…those are traits of gamers…they cater to you guys. Clearly it works, otherwise they would not be pushing it so hard…remember folks…your old skins were supposed to transfer over….doubt all of them will now 😉 get what you paid for…i mean…free so..womp

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