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New Overwatch Hero Sigma Leaked by Blizzard Update News 0

News 0 Blizzard may have accidentally revealed Overwatch hero Sigma, the next hero who will join the roster available to players in each match. While Blizzard are well-known for including small details that hint at big future updates to their games, this leak really could be a complete accident. In a Tweet that was originally meant to […]

Overwatch Update 1.37 Patch Notes Now Live, Adds Replays and Other Fixes News 0

News 0 Blizzard Entertainment has released the latest patch update for Overwatch, introducing a brand-new replay feature with it that allows you to rewatch some of your most recent matches from any perspective! Check out the Overwatch update 1.37 patch notes. The patch is live across PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Down below you can read up […]

Report: Blizzard Cancels First-Person Shooter Based on StarCraft to Focus on Overwatch 2, Diablo 4 News 0

News 0 While Blizzard already has a first-person shooter game in Overwatch, it seems the studio was working on yet another FPS, but this one was based on the StarCraft universe. Keyword here is “was,” as the studio has since canned the game to focus on Overwatch 2, and on Diablo 4. This latest bit of gaming […]

New Overwatch Hero “Ashe” Announced, Watch the Reveal Trailer Now News 0

News 0 As part of today’s BlizzCon press conference, Blizzard unveiled a new Overwatch hero! Named “Ashe,” the new Overwatch hero is from the wild west — complete with a cowboy hat, and a repeater rifle! Watch the trailer below to see some of Ashe’s abilities which include being able to launch yourself into the air (just […]

5 of the Best Video Gaming Experiences With an Egyptian Theme News 1

News 1 One of the real joys of gaming is that it gives you a break from reality and immerses you in a whole different world for a few hours. There are no limits to what gaming can cover and this means that titles can be set around all kinds of fantastical environments. The incredible history and […]

Activision: “A Lot of Work to Do” for Destiny, Overwatch, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Cross-Play to Happen News 0

News 0 With Sony announcing that it’s finally allowing cross-platform play starting with Fortnite, it’s understandable that most gamers are salivating at the thought of having their old — and upcoming — multiplayer games playable with the player base of the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch included. If you’re counting on cross-play for games like […]

Overwatch Upcoming Update Reworks Torbjorn, Halloween Event Coming News 0

News 0 Blizzard has released a new developer update for Overwatch, and it talks about some of the changes fans can expect in the Overwatch upcoming update to the game. Chief among these changes is that turret maker Torbjorn is getting a major rework! Instead of armor packs and the scrap system the dwarf has, he’s getting […]

Overwatch on Nintendo Switch “Feasible” According to Blizzard News 0

News 0 With yesterday’s accidental announcement that Diablo III is headed to the Nintendo Switch, it’s only natural that some fans might be assuming that other Blizzard Entertainment titles will be making its way to Nintendo’s console-handheld hybrid. While there’s no definite answer whether we’ll be seeing an Overwatch Nintendo Switch edition anytime soon, at least Blizzard’s […]

Rumor: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Said to Be Similar to Overwatch News 0

News 0 Following news that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 won’t have a traditional single-player campaign and will, instead, have a reported battle royale mode, more Black Ops 4 multiplayer info has come to light, and it paints a vastly different picture than what franchise fans are used to. Twitter user Matt Harris who seems to […]

Overwatch Retribution Coming April 10, Will Be a New 4-Player Event News 0

News 0 Blizzard Entertainment has an upcoming event for Overwatch fans, and this one will touch on the game’s story and lore a bit. Called Overwatch Retribution, it will be a new, time-limited PvE mission, which will go live this April 10-30 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Similar to last year’s Uprising four-player event, […]

Overwatch Avoid Player Feature Now Being Tested in PTR, Full Patch Notes News 0

News 0 Have you ever wanted to not be in the same team as a griefer? Or maybe someone who doesn’t play with the same intensity as you in Overwatch? Rejoice! Blizzard is currently testing out an Overwatch avoid player feature in the PTR (Public Test Realm)! Blizzard posted the Overwatch patch notes for the PTR, and […]

Overwatch Avoid As Teammate Lets You Block Useless Players News 0

News 0 The Overwatch Avoid As Teammate feature allows players to avoid being paired up with particularly useless or annoying users. The ability to “avoid” others is currently being tested on the Overwatch PTR, and following some tweaking to ensure it doesn’t have unfair impacts on matchmaking, should eventually hit live servers. Players who are avoided won’t be seen for seven days. […]

Overwatch Brigitte Nerf Hits PTR and New Brigitte Skin Revealed News 0

News 0 An Overwatch Brigitte nerf is in effect, a mere five days after the character was first made available. These changes can now be experienced on the Overwatch PTR. Here’s the full list of patch notes detailing the Overwatch Brigitte nerf, and other tweaks: Overwatch Brigitte Nerf: Patch Notes HERO UPDATES Brigitte Shield Bash Added a small delay before her shield drops […]

StarCraft 20th Anniversary Celebrated With Free Overwatch Skin, Hearthstone Packs and More News 0

News 0 To celebrate the 20th StarCraft anniversary, Blizzard is having a “cross-franchise celebration.” Plays will find epic rewards available in StarCraft: Remastered, StarCraft II, Diablo III, Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm, and Hearthstone. In addition to the rewards, Blizzard has posted a nostalgia-filled video, which can be watched below: Here’s the complete list of games and their StarCraft anniversary rewards: StarCraft: Remastered — Log in […]

Hi-Rez Claims Newly Revealed Overwatch Hero Looks Like Character From Paladins News 0

News 0 Paladins vs Overwatch! Fight! While Blizzard’s reveal of the new Overwatch hero — Brigitte — might have been met with a lot of excitement and praise from fans, that sentiment doesn’t seem to be shared by the people at Hi-Rez Studios, the developers behind free-to-play hero shooter, Paladins. Over on Twitter, Hi-Rez Studios head honcho […]

Brigitte Is Indeed Overwatch Hero 27, Now Available on PTR News 0

News 0 After a ridiculous number of Overwatch Brigitte rumors circling the web, it’s good to finally see that Blizzard has now officially confirmed that Brigitte will indeed be the game’s next hero. Taking the 27th spot on the roster, Brigitte is primarily a Support character, who dabbles in the art of Tank. PC players with access to the […]

Overwatch 2.34 Update Brings Big Changes to Doomfist, Mei and Sombra News 0

News 0 The new Overwatch 2.34 update patch notes have been revealed. They detail big balance changes that affect Doomfist, Mei, and Sombra. All players should note the tweaks, as they’ll no doubt cause a shift in the meta, and the strategies used against them. Overwatch 2.34 Update Patch Notes HERO UPDATES Doomfist Hand Cannon Ammo recovery rate increased […]

Brigitte Overwatch Hero Confirmed by Japanese Twitter Account News 0

News 0 With rumors swirling about the new Overwatch hero, many fans have their theories about which character will join the roster as the 27th playable persona. Well, we can forget all about those rumors, as it looks like Brigitte Lindholm will indeed be the new hero. The Overwatch Japanese Twitter account accidentally tweeted the file location path instead of an actual […]

Second Clue Hints At New Overwatch Hero Being Brigitte Lindholm News 0

News 0 Blizzard is continuing to build hype before announcing the new Overwatch hero. Following the first tease, a letter from Torbjorn has been published, which details what happened during Operation White Dome, and how Reinhardt saved his life. The most curious thing about the letter is the mention of Torbjorn’s daughter, who we’re assuming to be Brigitte Lindholm. A common […]

New Overwatch Hero Possibly Being Teased by Blizzard News 0

News 0 Are you ready for a new Overwatch hero to come to the game? Ready or not, it seems Blizzard is set to introduce a new one soon! Over on Twitter, Blizzard posted an after-action report for operation “White Dome,” and there’s some interesting stuff in it. [DECLASSIFIED] After-Action Report: Operation “WHITE DOME” — Overwatch […]

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