Overwatch Down Happening on Multiple Platforms This May 11 (Update #2)

Trying to get a match of Overwatch but can’t? It’s not you, but Overwatch down reports have started surfacing just now this May 11 (May 12 for Asia), and it’s happening on multiple platforms.

Overwatch Down Status and Updates for May 11 (May 12 for Asia):

Update #2: Blizzard has confirmed that the DDos attack have ended, so users should be able to log in now.


Update: Blizzard has acknowledged the issues and said that they are experiencing a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack.

The Overwatch subreddit have gotten a glut of threads about servers having issues on Xbox and PlayStation:

Xbox servers down from Overwatch

Server Issues? from Overwatch

Is anyone else on PS4 having issues with the server on overwatch one from Overwatch

Did anyone else game just crash? from Overwatch

And there’s more, but you get the gist, right? Unfortunately, the official Blizzard Entertainment Customer Support account has not acknowledged the outage just yet, nor has the official Activision Support account.

We’re keeping an eye out and will update the post once we know more info. Same as before, if you can connect (or can’t), leave a comment below to let us know which platform you’re on, and where you are in the world.

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