Overwatch Top 500 Console Player Reaches Top 500 of PC Using Only a Controller

While the (annoying debate) between console and PC fanboys will seemingly last on until forever, it’s usually accepted by everyone — including console players — that the superior input method for shooters is using a mouse and keyboard. Well, it seems, someone forgot the memo as a console “pleb” has somehow reached the top 500 players in Overwatch for PC!

Competitive gamer Triumph_Tensa announced his achievement over on Twitter and mentioned he’s “flex support.”

I think a hearty congrats are in order for reaching the top 500 player pool in both console and PC Overwatch

What does this mean exactly? Nothing much, except that people really do make a big deal about which platform they play on and such. As someone who games on both, there’s room for consoles and PC in the gaming space. 

Will this prove that controller users can battle players using mouse and keyboard? Maybe? Probably not, but that’s a topic for another time.

Source: Overwatch Reddit

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