Overwatch Update 2.87 Released for Bug Fixes

overwatch update 2.87

Following last week’s big Overwatch patch that introduced the new hero Echo, Blizzard Entertainment has rolled out Overwatch update 2.87 today, and it’s purely for bug fixes, though one that’s sure to be appreciated by the community.

Overwatch update 2.87 patch notes:




  • Fixed a bug that caused Baptiste’s Immortality Field disc to look very large in his Highlight Intros


  • Fixed a bug where D.Va’s Mech could spawn in facing the wrong direction in the spawn room, and D.Va could eject facing the wrong way during Self Destruct or Mech destruction


  • Fixed a bug that caused Echo to not respect the Toggle Booster option when she clones D.Va
  • (CTF Game Modes) Fixed a bug that caused Echo to drop the flag when Duplicate ends
  • Fixed a bug with Echo’s Duplicate where she would sometimes not play voice lines while duplicating D.Va
  • Fixed a bug with Echo’s Duplicate where she would use Winston’s voice instead of her own after completing Primal Rage


  • Fixed a bug that caused Junkrat’s weapon accuracy statistic to always display 100%


  • Fixed a bug where Tracer could blink to an unintended location on Hollywood, near point A


  • Fixed a bug where a player’s position could be incorrect when queried in Workshop

And that’s basically it. If we spot anything new that’s not included here, we’ll update the post.

Source: Overwatch

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