Paladins Champions Teaser Introduces Saati The Trickshot to the Roster

Paladins Saati

Prepare to meet a new warrior in Paladins with a sharpshooting eye to boot, as the new Paladins Champions teaser introduces Saati The Trickshot to the roster!

Check out the new teaser below straight from the folks of Hi Rez Studios and Evil Mojo Games!

Along with the character teaser video, here’s a bit of background information and an overview on Saati via press release!

She may act carefree, but Saati spares no expense to remain the best bounty hunter in the Realm. No cover can protect her target, no competitor can match her skills. To you, a coin flip is a gamble. To her, it’s an opportunity. This September, Saati the Trickshot will become the newest Damage Champion in the free-to-play fantasy team shooter Paladins.
As the overview states, Saati is coming to join the Paladins world this September — so be prepared to use her if you enjoy flipping a coin and shooting your way towards your marks and targets. The game is free to play on PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, so be sure to visit the official page for more information on the game.
If you missed out on the recent Paladins update 2.38, you can read the details here.
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