Paladins Update 2.38 Brings gen:LOCK, and New Champion Rei – July 21

Paladins Update 2.38

Evil Mojo has deployed the Paladins update 2.38 July 21 patch or what’s known as the gen:LOCK update! This brings in a new champion in Rei, and a new Battle Pass, balance changes and more!

Paladins Update 2.38 Patch Notes | Paladins Update gen: LOCK Patch Notes:



  • Support


  • 2200

Unleash magical energy from your hands, dealing 450 damage every 0.7s.

Manifest arcane forces and send it forth, bouncing between allies and healing them. Spirit Linked allies are healed for 30% more.

Envelop yourself with Arcane energy, reducing the maximum amount of damage you can take to 275 per instance of damage and increasing your Movement Speed by 40% for 3s. Spirit Linked allies are also Enveloped.

Tether your spirit to an ally or enemy player. While Linked to an ally, you Heal them for 200 and grant them 1% Ultimate charge every 1s. While Linked to an enemy, reduce their Movement Speed by 10% and deal 50 damage every 0.75s.

Target an ally and infuse them with life, granting damage immunity for 2s and healing them to full after a brief delay. If Spirit Linked to the targeted player, Rei will also be healed to full.


[Default] Extension
Increase the range at which Chain Heal bounces by 40%

[Level 2] Restraint
Linking to an enemy with Spirit Link progressively Slows the player over 3s. After 3s, the enemy is Rooted for 1s.

[Level 8] Focus
Spirit Link’s Cooldown is increased to 6 seconds and it only lasts for 2s, but the effects are tripled.




  • Magic in the Blood
    • Reduce the cooldown of Chain Heal by 0.1-0.5s after hitting an enemy with Sigil.
  • Mystic Mastery
    • Increase your maximum Health by 50-250.
  • Rest and Relaxation
    • Increase your maximum Ammo by 2-10.
  • Threat and Subject
    • Increase your Movement Speed by 8-40% for 2s after earning a Killing Blow or Elimination.



  • Aico Forces
    • Reduce the damage you take by 1-5% for 2s for each ally hit with Chain Heal. This effect stacks.
  • Future Generations
    • After taking 2000-1500 damage, your next use of Chain Heal does not cause it to go on Cooldown.
  • Leipori Prayer
    • Grant 50% Reload Speed for 0.5-2.5s to each player to which Chain Heal bounces.
  • Refreshing Break
    • Grant 0.4-2% Ultimate Charge to each player to which Chain Heal bounces.



  • Spring to Action
    • Increase the Healing Spirit Links provides every 1s to your linked friendly target by 20-100 Health.
  • Arcane Focus
    • Transfer 25% of the damage your Spirit Linked target takes to you while Spirit Linked to an ally player. You take 90-65% of that damage. This breaks at the health threshold.
  • Deft Magics
    • Linking to a new target reduces all your cooldowns by 0.1-0.5s.
  • Midnight Stroll
    • Reduce the damage done by any enemy you are linked to with Spirit Link by 5-25%.



  • Arcane Maelstrom
    • Using Envelop reduces your linked friendly target’s Cooldowns by 0.1-0.5s.
  • Arcane Manipulation
    • Reduce the Cooldown of Envelop by 0.3-1.5s.
  • Desperate Defense
    • Heal for 50-250 when you use Envelop.
  • Enveloping Magic
    • Increase the maximum amount of damage mitigated by Envelop by 7-35%.


Beach Bunny – LIMITED

  • Unlocked through Season Pass 2021
  • This skin will become unobtainable after Season Pass 2021 has finished.


  • Can be purchased for 60,000 Gold or 300 Crystals (Season Pass 2021 holders will automatically unlock this skin)

Golden Rei

  • Obtained by Reaching Mastery level 50 with Rei


  • Default
  • Pleased as Punch

MVP Poses

  • Default
  • Watch Closely

    • Available with 2021 Season Pass



Worlds collide in the first-ever Crossover Pass in Paladins! Based on the hit Rooster Teeth show, the gen:LOCK Crossover Pass offers 30 levels of rewards, including Cammie Maeve as an instant unlock for purchasing! Join the gen:LOCK program and unlock all five heroes from the show!

The gen:LOCK Crossover Pass can be purchased for 750 Crystals. Players can also purchase a Buy All option for 1500 Crystals to get all content instantly!

Instant Unlocks (Exclusive to Event Pass Purchasers)

  • 50% Experience and Gold Boost
  • Cammie (Maeve)

Level 12 – Valentina (Kinessa)

Level 18 – Chase (Viktor) (Free)

Level 24 – Kazu (Zhin)

Level 29 – Yasamin (Lex)




3D Sprays
All gen:LOCK 3D Sprays have special in-game audio that is not present here!

MVP Poses

  • Guardian – Chase (Lex)
  • Checkmate – Valentina (Kinessa)
  • Mission Cleared – Cammie (Maeve)
  • Momentum – Yasamin (Lex)
  • Kenshi – Kazu (Zhin)

  Death Card

  • Dr. Weller

Death Stamp

  • Brewing Mischief


New Trials and rewards await you with the release of the gen:LOCK patch! Complete these challenges each week to unlock a variety of cosmetics, currency, and XP rewards.

Trials Schedule

  • Temple Isles – Unlocks July 21st
  • Eastern Reaches – Unlocks July 28th
  • Trade Row – Unlocks August 4th
  • Abyss – Unlocks August 11th
  • Crosswind Hold – Unlocks August 18th
  • Warder’s Watch – Unlocks August 25th
  • Aico Tundra – Unlocks September 1st
  • Lunar Coast – Unlocks September 8th



  • 300 Crystals
  • 120,000 Gold
  • 6x Event Pass Levels
  • Event Pass Team Boosters
  • Skin Boosters

Loading Frame

  • Uptime


Static Sprays

3D Sprays
All gen:LOCK 3D Sprays have special in-game audio that is not present here!


We’re reopening the Bounty Store, with more updates to come in Patch 6. As we continue to expand the system towards that goal, we will be making certain changes. In the short term, there will be pricing changes in the updated version. To compensate for this, and in light of exploits from the previous implementation, we’re normalizing previous Bounty Coins such that players will have between ~100-1000 Bounty Coins when we reopen the store. For the vast majority of players, this will be an increase from their previous balance.

Skins that were owned previously will be maintained, but duplicates of each skin are being removed.

Bounty Skins will be priced at more Bounty Coins per skin moving forward, but we’ve multiplied the rewards from Daily Quests by 30, and are adding additional ways of earning Coins. Overall, we expect players to see more coins and value relative to previous iterations going forward. We intend to continue to tune these numbers moving forward to get into the right spot.

More Skins for Sale

  • In the new Bounty Store, each skin will still be on sale for the same three day window, but we will keep a rotating stock of 3 skins, staggered such that 1 skin will change each day.

Bounty Store Event Exclusive

  • In addition, players who purchase an Event or Crossover Pass will have access to another skin for the duration of the Event. This slot will only be available to players that have purchased the current Pass, though the skin itself may be available through other methods such as Chests or Direct Purchase. Please note that this slot remains consistent during the Pass and does not rotate out or have limited quantities.
  • Keep checking back with each new Event or Crossover Pass to see the new skin that becomes available!

Twitch Drops

  • Linking
    • First, make sure your account is linked to Twitch, so you can earn points for watching Paladins on approved streaming channels.
  • Viewing
    • Gain 5 Bounty Coins for every 4 hours of stream viewing.

Additional Coin Earning

  • Starting this patch, we’ve implemented a new feature where players will have the option of watching ads in-game to earn Gold, Bounty Coins, and other rewards. Now we know you probably have a few questions and we wanted to be upfront and clear about a few things:
    • These ads are completely optional. Players that would like to earn rewards via this new feature will need to click the new “Earn Free Rewards!” button on the home menu and opt in for an ad to start playing. If you don’t opt in, you’ll never see an ad and your Paladins experience will be the same as always. We will never add forced or unskippable ads to Paladins, ever.
    • Ads shown are of a quality and standard that you’d see on TV or other mainstream video service providers or streaming platforms. Nothing cheap or sketchy.
    • If you watch an ad, you will always receive a reward. Every ad watched will award 100 Gold and you can also earn other rewards like Bounty Coins and Boosters for watching multiple ads.


The gen:LOCK patch will feature 6 unique and 2 previously popular modes that rotate throughout the patch cycle. Each week there will be a different limited time mode available, from midnight Friday until 8am on Monday, EST. Here’s are some quick previews of what to expect next:

Pick Any

  • In celebration of Paladin’s 50th Champion, we’re letting you pick whichever Champion you want. Teammate already picked them? No problem! Play five Grohks if it makes you happy! Mo’ totems, no problems!

Hunter vs Hunter

  • Two gunslingers stand opposite each other. In the blink of an eye, two guns are drawn. When the dust settles, only one of the former comrades in arms will be left standing. Will it be The Hand Or Justice? Or will it be The Godslayer? You decide in this guns-blazing gamemode.


50th Champion Celebration Avatar

  • Available through special acquisition upon launch of Rei

Mayhem Vatu

  • Available in the Pandemonium Chest on July 21st

Toothache Evie

  • Available in Bounty Store as Bounty Store Event Exclusive Skin
  • Available in the Just Desserts Chest on August 4th


Pandemonium – NEW


  • 400 Crystals

Release Date:

  • JULY 21


  • Mayhem Vatu (NEW)
  • Draconic Fighter Viktor
  • Draconic Enforcer Khan
  • High Priestess Ying
  • Demonette Maeve
  • Dark Monarch Lian
  • Seeping Corruption Grover
  • Winged Drake Mount

Just Desserts – New


  • 400 Crystals

Release Date:

  • AUGUST 4


  • Toothache Evie (NEW)
  • Sugar Plum Willo
  • Cuddly Moji
  • Trick or Treat Talus
  • Street Style Ash
  • Pumpking Bomb King
  • Stellar Protector Io
  • Merrymaker Dredge

Relics of War – NEW


  • 400 Crystals

Release Date:

  • AUGUST 18


  • Reaver Viktor
  • Battlesuit Eagle Eye Kinessa
  • Battlesuit Godslayer Androxus
  • Legionnaire Atlas
  • Omega Koga
  • Omega Makoa
  • Steel Forged Mal’Damba
  • Galactic Conqueror Vora


Dev Commentary: Obviously, by the time there’s a disconnected player in a match, something has already gone wrong. Nobody wants that. But we’ve made some changes this patch to try and reduce the frustration for when it does happen.

Bots will no longer purchase items for disconnected players
Outside of training matches, bots will no longer purchase items. No more coming back to the game and having two ranks in an item you never would have bought.

Scoreboard – “Disconnected” Indicator
Allies will now see the disconnected status for their teammates on the scoreboard while they’re away.

Legacy VGS
PC players can opt into “Legacy (Deprecated)” VGS, including VGS lines that were removed with the VGS re-work. These lines will be displayed to players on all platforms with the PC key combination.

Skin Previewing
We’ve added the ability to preview the full model of a skin in the pre-match lobby, so you can make informed decisions on whether to shell out your hard-earned crystals on them!


3 Ranked Bans
We’ve added an additional Champion ban for ranked matches.


Split Rewards

  • Play 15 Ranked matches
    • Gold Chest
  • Play 25 Ranked matches
    • Determined, Avatar

Ranked Map Rotation
The previous map rotation was updated in Patch 4, and we plan to keep it in effect for the duration of Split 2.


Dev Commentary: Talents are one of multiple ways in Paladins to customize your gameplay experience. Some talents weren’t providing enough to the overall playstyle of their Champion or were underutilized, less liked, or all of the above. These talent reworks are meant to be a fresh take on their Champions’ playstyles, a targeted change to specific playstyles that we feel were unhealthy for the game, and in some cases both. We know that there were at least some players who enjoyed the previous version of things we changed, and we plan on listening to player feedback and working with the community to embrace the potential of what we intend as new, fun aspects of these changes.

Talent Reworks


  • Luminary
    • Old: Allies affected by your Astral Mark deal 10% increased weapon damage.
    • New: All allies already affected by Astral Mark are Healed for an additional 250 when you use Astral Mark.

Dev Commentary: Luminary has been a contentious topic, especially when it comes to damage amplification in general. With this change, we hope that it both alleviates some of the problems that can come from directly augmenting others’ damage while providing a new way to feel more effective as a Jenos focused on keeping your team alive.


  • Solar Blessing
    • Old: When Pyre Strike comes in contact with an ally it will stop and Heal anyone in its beam for 150 every 0.05s. Also reduces the speed of Pyre Strike by 30%.
    • New: Refiring Pyre Strike stops it in place. Any ally in its beam is Healed for 100 every 0.05s.

Dev Commentary: Solar Blessing has been a hot topic for some time now. This change puts a lot more control in the hands of Furia players and subsequently aims to make playing Solar Blessing feel much more satisfying. With the increase in control, we will be watching to see how this talent performs, as it will be more confirmable under ideal circumstances.


  • Eagle Eye
    • Old: Increase the damage done by Headshots by an additional 25% of base for a total of 175% damage.
    • New: Sniper Rifle gains increased Fire and Charge Rate at the cost of reduced damage per shot, and while scoped gains increased maneuverability.

Dev Commentary: It can be frustrating to take a large amount of damage from a character at long distances, and snipers like Kinessa are no exception. This change is meant to provide a different take on the traditionally long-range champion that offers a less-punishing option for difficult shots while maintaining the flavor that Kinessa brings to the game.


  • Unstable Fissure
    • Old: Activating Second Chance leaves behind an unstable fissure that explodes after 3s, dealing 1,000 damage.
    • New: Activating Second Chance also Rewinds enemies within 40 units.

Dev Commentary: Unstable Fissure was a talent that was rarely utilized and—outside of specific, narrow circumstances—often felt underwhelming. This change is meant to provide an additional use of the Rewind mechanic that requires Atlas to be pretty close to his targets. We hope this will facilitate some new and interesting plays.


  • Formidable
    • Old: Heal for 55% of your maximum Health over 3s when you fall to or below 40% of your maximum Health. This can occur once every 45s.
    • New: You now have 2 charges of Charge, each Charge deals an additional 100 damage, and you are CC immune while Charging, but the Cooldown of Charge is increased to 13s.
  • Aegis
    • Old: Your Shield has an infinite duration and its Cooldown is reduced by 4s.
    • New: Your Shield now uses a resource that Regenerates over time instead of using a Cooldown.

Dev Commentary: Again, some talents have felt underwhelming, underused, or unhealthy for the game overall. Large procs on a large Cooldown can feel impactful in the short term, but generally don’t give a sense you as a player are getting the value you might expect from a talent. This change to Formidable is meant to provide some additional utility in the form of Crowd Control immunity and an additional usage of Charge that allows Fernando to have more tools in his kit to deal with a variety of situations. Aegis, meanwhile, served as a stable shield build, but in the interest of providing a variety of unique and effective gameplay experiences, we are giving him an new opportunity to use his Shield in a different way, with more control over when and for how long he is able to Shield his allies.


  • Architectonics
    • Old: Increase the damage of your Turrets by 20% and reduce their Cooldown by 2s.
    • New: Dome Shield now costs 35% Ultimate charge and places a Flamethrower Turret with modified values and no Shield. Can have two active at once.
      • New name: Forgefire

Dev Commentary: Another example of a talent that was liked by some, but ultimately could make room for a new, unique gameplay experience. This change gives Barik EVEN MORE turrets and provides a different use of his Ultimate.



  • Current: Your Weapon shots reduce the effect of healing on your target by {25|50|75}% for 1.5s.
    • Increased scaling {25|50|75}% → {30|55|80}%

Dev Commentary: Cauterize is a larger conversation that needs to happen over a larger period of time. We feel that having one or a very few items or mechanics that are REQUIRED or are extremely important linchpins for any balance or change proposed for Paladins is generally an unhealthy idea, and should be addressed. That being said, the current change should help alleviate some of the concerns the community has brought to us by increasing the scaling of Cauterize.


  • Current: Your weapon attacks deal {25|50|75}% increased Damage to Shields.
    • Increased scaling {25|50|75}% → {30|60|90}%

Dev Commentary: By Increasing the scaling of Wrecker, we’re hoping to encourage its use in the circumstances where it is most effective, especially in light of the new blue item, Guardian.


  • Current: Your weapon shots deal +{20|40|60}% Damage to Deployables, Pets, and Illusions.
    • Increased scaling {20|40|60}% → {25|50|75}%

Dev Commentary: Similar to Wrecker, we’re seeing an increase in scaling to improve its general effectiveness and encourage a variety of choices in itemization in any given match.


  • Current: Reduce the duration and effectiveness of Crowd Control and Slows by {20|40|60}%.
    • Increased scaling {20|40|60}% → {25|50|75}%

Dev Commentary: While Crowd Control is an important part of our and other games, it can also be frustrating to deal with. We are trying to strike the right balance between ensuring that Crowd Control is a viable set of mechanics that feel good to use but at the same time providing players with the tools to combat Crowd Control when it’s most impacting their match.


  • Current: Receive {5|10|15}% more healing from other players.
    • Increased scaling {5|10|15}% → {6|12|18}%

Dev Commentary: With the increase in Cauterize scaling and the increased effectiveness of other items, we felt it was appropriate to also slightly increase the scaling of Rejuvenate for the players who invest in it.


  • Current: Reduce the Damage you take from Direct attacks by {7|14|21}%.
    • New: Reduce the Damage you take from Direct and Area of Effect attacks by {6|12|18}%.

Blast Shields

  • Blast Shields has been removed from the game

Dev Commentary: With the integration of Blast Shields into Haven and the addition of Guardian and the new Veteran, we are introducing a larger variety of viable options for item picks in any given match. This change is also intended to give greater clarity regarding which abilities are being protected against, such as when an ability deals direct damage to multiple targets vs a single hit that deals damage in an area, etc.

New Item: Guardian

  • Blue (Defense) Item
  • New: Increase the effectiveness of Shields you create by {7|14|21}%.
    • This does not affect card- or passive-generated Shields.
  • Cost: 300

Dev Commentary: Guardian offers a new potential to enhance created shields, providing an option for players who want to further increase their survival ability in a different way. We look forward to seeing feedback regarding items in general providing new viable options in match and this item in particular.


  • Current: Heal for an additional {5|10|15}% of your max Health every second when out of combat.
  • New: Increase your base maximum Health by {4|8|12}%.
    • Increased cost 150 → 250

Dev Commentary: Veteran was previously an item that was extremely underutilized. Without modifying the duration of combat (which would negatively affect veteran players implicit game-sense) and combat engagements, but still wanting Veteran to be of use to a greater number of players, we feel that this new Veteran provides a better way to increase survivability.



  • Temporal Divide
    • Current: Greatly increase the size of Stasis Field, but its Cooldown is increased by 50%.
      • Increased Stasis Field Cooldown 50% → 65%

Dev Commentary: In light of concerns that the frequency with which Atlas used his large wall was slightly too strong, we’re toning this down just a bit.


      • <liTinkerin


      • Current: Modify your Blunderbuss to fire a single slug that deals 510 damage.
        • Increased damage 510 → 535
      • Combat Repair
        • Current: Heal your Turret for {100|100} every 1s while you are standing near it.
          • Decreased scaling {100|100} → {90|90}
      • Forged Alloy
        • Current: Increase the Health of your Turret by {150|150}.
          • Decreased scaling {150|150} → {140|140}
      • One Man’s Scrap
        • Current: When a Turret is destroyed, reduce your active Cooldowns by {6|6}%.
          • Decreased scaling {6|6}% → {5|5}%

Dev Commentary: Barik is generally in a good spot, but could use a bit of love to his Tinkerin talent. With the introduction of Forgefire and his current situation, we are also seeing slight nerfs to some of his turret-centric cards.


    • Caretaker
      • Current: Heal for {20|20} every 1s while standing in Warder’s Field.
        • Increased scaling {20|20} → {22|22}%
    • Stone Bulwark
      • Current: Heal for {25|25} every 1s while Earthen Guard is active.
        • Increased scaling {25|25} → {28|28}
    • Earthen Guard
      • Current: Enter a defensive state. While in this state, reduce damage taken by your Deployables and you by 30% and increase Healing received by 30%. This effect lasts 5s.
        • Increased duration 5s → 5.3s
    • Impasse
      • Current: Deploy a rocky wall that grows from the ground. This wall has 5000 Health, lasts for 5s, and can be refired to cancel. Has a range of 80 units. Affected by Bulldozer.
        • Reduced Reduced Cooldown 15s → 14s

Dev Commentary: Inara has been a staple of the frontlines, but we feel that she can use a couple of minor buffs to bring her to a slightly better spot.


  • Cannon
    • Current: Increased maximum damage falloff range 75 → 80
  • Dredge Anchor
    • Hitting Yagorath with Dredge Anchor will now apply a 1s Stun.

Dev Commentary: Makoa is extremely effective with and beyond his use of Dredge Anchor, but it seemed appropriate to give a little more forgiveness to Cannon’s damage falloff range. While Dredge Anchor is a powerful ability that provides a hugely impactful repositioning mechanic, previously it would be completely engaged (even the damage) when hitting Yagorath. Now, it will apply a 1s Stun to simulate the effect Makoa would have otherwise seen.


  • Necromantic Might
    • Current: Reduce the damage required to generate a Calamity Blast charge by {120|120}.
      • Reduced scaling {120|120} → {100|100}
  • Devastation
    • Current: Heal for {60|60} for each enemy hit by Calamity Blast.
      • Now only affects Players, Pets, and Illusions
  • It Watches
    • Current: Generate {3|3}% Power Siphon charge for each enemy hit with Massacre Axe.
      • Now only affects Players, Pets, and Illusions.
  • Abomination
    • Current: Generate {2|2}% Power Siphon charge for each enemy hit with Calamity Blast.
      • Now only affects Players, Pets, and Illusions.

Dev Commentary: Terminus is a Champion who performs well at most levels, and part of that is due to inconsistent procs from cards. Now, most cards that have procced off of everything in the past (including Shields) will only proc when hitting Players, Pets, and Illusions. We are also seeing a small nerf to Necromantic Might, which we felt provided a bit too much value at every rank.


  • Protection
    • Current: Project a shield onto an ally for a short duration that prevents up to 500 damage.
      • Increased Shield value 500 → 650
  • Increased Cooldown 6s → 9s
  • Nullify
    • Current: Focus your Gauntlet, silencing your target and dealing 800 damage over 2s.
      • Increased range 50 → 60
      • Reduced Cooldown 12s → 11s
  • Recharge
    • Current: Regenerate 2200 Shield over 1s.
      • Reduced Cooldown 14s → 12s
  • Gauntlet
    • Current: Fire bursts of magical energy from your Gauntlet every 0.25s, dealing 180 damage per shot.
      • Increased damage per shot 180 → 190
  • Hyper Beam
    • Current: Unleash the latent power of your Gauntlet to channel a massive wave of energy that deals 55 damage every 0.1s and pushes enemies back.
      • Increased damage per hit 55 → 60

Dev Commentary: We would like to invest the time and resources it would take to make significant, sweeping changes to Torvald, as we think he deserves it. Thanks, Grandpa! In the short term, however, we feel that he can use some love across the board.


  • Piercing Quills / Acceleration
    • Current: Fire Piercing Quills that deal 170 damage and explode in a small area.
      • Removed the increased damage taken by enemies hit with Piercing Quills after being affected by Caustic Spray
  • Primal Vision
    • Current: Pulse 5 times, briefly revealing nearby enemies to allies.
      • Reduced the interval between pulses by 10%
      • Reduced the overall duration of Primal Vision by 10%
      • Reduced the duration enemies are Revealed by 15%
  • Caustic Spray
    • Current: Spray acid from your Maw, dealing 36 damage every 0.1s. Hitting the ground leaves behind a pool of acid that lasts 4s.
      • Increased Range and Effective Range 90 → 105 units

Dev Commentary: Yagorath is a Champion of exceptions and unique experiences. These changes are meant to bring her more in line with how we see her as we investigate additional changes to combat players’ pain points.


  • Mortal Skewer
    • Current: Heal for {80|80} for each enemy hit with Harpoon.
      • Reduced scaling {80|80} → {70|70}


  • Inferno Cannon
    • Current: Channel an Inferno Cannon that deals 110 damage every 0.09s over 3s in a 120-unit Piercing column of fire.
      • Reduced damage per hit 110 → 100
  • Frost Bomb
    • Current: Launch a Bomb that deals up to 800 damage within 35 units of detonation, dealing damage based on the duration of travel, and Rooting enemies hit for 1s.
      • Increased the minimum damage on detonation by 5%
      • Decreased the distance required for maximum damage by 10%

Dev Commentary: We generally feel that Imani is in a decent position, but wanted to shift a bit of power from Inferno Cannon into Frost Bomb. This aims to do so.


  • Vicious Assault
    • Current: Crouching Tigron now deals 900 damage in a 20-unit-radius area on landing.
      • Now grants an additional charge of Crouching Tigron
      • Reduced damage on landing 900 → 600
  • Combat Trance
    • Current: Channel your energy, increasing your Attack Speed and Movement Speed by 30% for 4s.
      • Reduced Attack Speed and Movement Speed increase 30% → 25%
  • Test of Strength
    • Current: Heal for {50|50} every 1s while Combat Trance is active.
      • Reduced scaling {50|50} → {45|45}

Dev Commentary: Tiberius is another Champion who has seen a lot of polarized discussion. We feel that there is room to bring his numbers down in a couple places and see a slight shift in functionality for his Vicious Assault talent, which is traditionally underused in comparison with his other talents.


  • In the Fray
    • Current: Decrease your damage taken by {4|4}% for 3s after using Nade Launcher.
      • No longer stacks. Will now refresh.
      • Increased scaling {4|4}% → {5|5}%

Dev Commentary: Being able to stack this Damage brought moments of extreme toughness that we felt needed to change. We’ll continue to monitor Tyra and this card as time goes on.


  • Solar Blessing
    • Current: When Pyre Strike comes in contact with an ally it will stop and Heal anyone in its beam for 150 every 0.05s. Also reduces the speed of Pyre Strike by 30%.
      • As noted in the rework section, reduced Healing 150/0.05s → 100/0.05s
  • Light Forge
    • Current: Hitting Kindle Soul reduces the Cooldown of Pyre Strike by 5s. This effect can happen once every {20|-3}s.
      • NEW: Hitting Kindle Soul increases your Movement Speed by {scale=8|8}% for 0.6s.

Dev Commentary: The reduction in Healing for Solar Blessing still leaves a LOT of Healing potential per beam. The greater control afforded to Furia with this talent change should greatly benefit the Solar Blessing playstyle, and we’re going to keep a close eye on it. Furia, with the right loadouts, can currently send out a large number of Pyre Strikes with her various methods of resetting its Cooldown. We are not entirely happy with this, and we’re positioning Light Forge away from that Cooldown reset and more into a self-utility option for Furia players who want to better navigate the battlefield while Healing.


  • Totemic Ward
    • Current: Gain a third charge of Healing Totem and increase their healing by 30%.
      • Reduced Healing increase 30% → 10%
  • Healing Totem
    • Current: Deploy a healing totem that restores 300 health every 1s to allies within its area.
      • Increased Cooldown 10s → 13s

Dev Commentary: We knew that Grohk would be in a pretty good spot for an update cycle after the simultaneous Cooldowns change we made last update. It’s time to bring him back down a bit. With Totemic Ward, it is even easier to have a very large uptime on his Healing Totems, so we felt it appropriate to bring down the bonus Healing per totem. With the Cooldown change, even at base Grohk has a pretty good uptime on Healing Totems. Grohk will still have increased Healing ability even with this Cooldown increase, but it should make it slightly less oppressive for the totem-haters out there.


  • Vine
    • Current: Launch a vine from your body and pull yourself to a targeted location or ally.
      • Can no longer target allies.

Dev Commentary: We’ve received a lot of feedback regarding Grover’s Vine and the frustrations players experience with Vining to an ally who runs in front of them and finding themselves still in the fray they meant to escape. Vine will no longer fire at allies, so it can be used to go where the Grover player wants to go in the match.


  • Rend Soul
    • Current: Detonate your Soul Orb stacks on enemies, dealing 60 damage and healing you for 8% of your maximum health per stack detonated.
      • Increased damage per detonation 60 → 80
      • Increased Cooldown 5s → 6s
  • Fade to Black
    • Current: Reduce the Cooldown of Shadow Travel by {0.8|0.8}s after activating Restore Soul.
      • Can now only happen once every 5s.

Dev Commentary: With the Seris Veil fix, it will feel like a nerf from current values (because it was too effective). Overall, Seris was a little too survivable. Fade to Black receiving an internal Cooldown means that Seris player won’t always have a near-instant escape up at all times, which should alleviate some of that frustration.


  • Resonance
    • Current: If an Illusion is killed or expires, it triggers a Shatter explosion, dealing 500 damage.
      • Increased the speed at which Illusions travel
      • Increased Explosion damage 500 → 550

Dev Commentary: Resonance is a playstyle that some players have fun with, which (even beyond this particular talent) is very valuable. However, it can be frustrating to not gain as much value as a Resonance player as one might expect. These changes should make Resonance more confirmable.


  • Submachine Guns
    • Current: Dual Submachine Guns that fire two rounds every 0.06s, each dealing 36 damage.
      • Increased damage per hit 36 → 38

Dev Commentary: We feel that Koga could use a bit of a bump on his main numbers.


  • Discovery
    • Current: Increase the damage you deal to your Retribution target by 30%.
      • Reduced damage increase 30% → 25%

Dev Commentary: Discovery has seen a pretty strong showing recently, so we’re bringing it down just a bit.


  • Rogue’s Gambit
    • Current: Increase the damage done by Pounce by 10% and reset Pounce’s Cooldown after earning an Elimination.
      • Increased damage bonus 10% → 15%
      • NEW: Now also reduces the Cooldown of Pounce by 2s


  • Familiar Spray
    • Current: Rapidly spray magical energy, dealing 30 damage every 0.08s to enemies and apply Magic Marks.
      • Increased Range and Effective Range 50 → 55 units
  • Scamper
    • Current: Quickly Scamper forward.
      • Speed increased by 10%
  • Bon Appetit
    • Current: Transform a single victim into a delicious, helpless treat that you can eat, killing them instantly.
      • Your target has their Movement Speed decreased by 10%

Dev Commentary: Moji could use a bit of love, prompting a slight range increase in her Spray and a slight Movement Speed increase in her Scamper. Bon Appetit now also slightly slows her cookie-fied targets, making it that much easier to confirm that snack time munch.


  • Ambush
    • Current: Teleport next to your target, dealing damage in an area on arrival. Can be refired on another enemy within 4s of teleporting.
      • Decreased the amount of time before Teleporting 0.4s → 0.3s

Dev Commentary: Vatu is in a pretty good state. He could probably use a bit of change over time, but in the short term, we’ve decided to address one of the frustrations we’ve heard and reduce the time between firing Ambush and Teleporting.


  • Obliteration
    • Current: Jump up and slash down, becoming Immune. On impact, deal 500 damage and apply Knockback. Consuming maximum Darkness deals increased damage and Slows.
      • Reduced the lockout time after using Obliteration 0.8s → 0.5s
  • Harbinger’s Wrath
    • Current: Hunt your enemies, increasing Movement Speed and reducing the damage you take. Select a nearby target to lock down, damaging or executing them if they are low health.
      • Reduced your Movement Speed bonus while this ability is active 80% → 60%
      • Increased the Ultimate energy cost of using this ability 30% → 50%

Dev Commentary: There are multiple aspects of Vora that would benefit from quality of life changes, and one of the biggest ones was a decrease in the lockout after Obliteration, which should make that ability feel more in line with how you expect it to be. We’ve also heard players’ frustration that Vora gets too much value for too little cost when using her Ultimate for a variety of reasons, so we have slightly nerfed the benefits she gains while it is active, and made it cost more to buy in to its use.



  • Fixed an issue where some Champion’s footsteps were unusually quiet or loud.
  • Fixed an issue where the Lobby Chat in the End of Match Lobby would continuously scroll back down to newly sent messages if the player scrolled up in the Lobby Chat for any reason.
  • Fixed various issues where projectiles could get stuck or fall through certain cracks in the ground on Splitstone Quarry.
  • Fixed various issues where projectiles could be accidentally thrown in areas that were not in the traditional game space on Splitstone Quarry.
  • Fixed an issue where some of the fish on the walls near the Capture Point were blocking movement on Fish Market.
  • Fixed an issue where the Spawn Doors displayed incorrectly for the first team on the second team’s side of the map on Timber Mill.
  • Fixed an issue where some individual pieces of Jaguar Falls that should have had projectile collision did not.
  • Fixed some issues with players getting into annoying “permanently falling” states when colliding with certain areas of the map on Frog Isle.
  • Fixed various issues with collision on Marauder’s Port.
  • Fixed an issue where players could stand on the metal chimneys on top of buildings on Fish Market.
  • Fixed an issue where projectiles could get stuck in the rafters above the Capture Point on Primal Court.



  • Fixed an issue where Androxus’ Quick Draw card would heal him when he hit Shields and Deployables with his Revolver weapon.


  • Fixed an issue where Corvus’ Projection ability could allow him to get above the normal play space of Primal Court, Jaguar Falls, and a few other maps.


  • Fixed an issue where Imani’s Frost Bomb ability and Frost Bolt weapon displayed incorrectly on the Death Recap UI.


  • Fixed an issue where Io’s Ultimate, Begone, could push players out of bounds near the Capture Point on Ice Mines.


  • Fixed an issue where Jenos’s Ultimate, Through Time and Space, would sometimes fail to do damage even when the visual effects indicated that it would.


  • Fixed an issue where Lex could gain more ammo than intended when he had the Death Hastens talent equipped.


  • Fixed an issue where Lian’s Presence ability was too quiet when she had the Merrymaker skin equipped.


  • Fixed an issue where Moji could get stuck in the Timber Mill spawn room until the start of the following round.


  • Fixed an issue where Seris’ Ultimate, Convergence, could pull players through the map at a specific location on Ice Mines.


  • Fixed an issue where Vora’s Ultimate, Harbinger’s Wrath, was granting more Damage Resistance than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where Vora’s Dark Siphon ability would not consume Darkness stacks if it dissipated at its maximum range rather than hitting a target or other collision.
  • Fixed an issue where Vora would not gain Darkness stacks when hitting damage-immune targets with her Deadly Scythe weapon.


  • Fixed an issue where Willo’s Lobby Idle animation was too loud in the Match Lobby.


  • Fixed an issue where the effects provided by Yagorath to her teammates from the Sight Begets Strength talent incorrectly affected non-player allies.


PTS Bug Fixes: Champions


  • Fixed an issue where one of Barik’s Loadouts was referencing the Architectonics talent.


  • Fixed an issue where Evie’s Toothache skin was not properly in the Just Desserts chest.


  • Fixed an issue where Dredge’s base Ammo count was incorrect when using the Scuttle talent.


  • Fixed various audio issues with the Yasamin gen:LOCK skin.


  • Fixed various audio issues with the Cammie gen:LOCK skin.


  • Fixed an issue where Raum’s Soul Armor UI Bar would not display if he had any ranks of the Veteran item equipped.


  • Fixed an issue where Rei’s Spring to Action card would not function properly.
  • Fixed an issue where Rei’s Arcane Focus card would not function properly.
  • Fixed an issue where Rei’s Spring to Action card would not function with the Focus talent equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where Rei’s Envelop ability would activate her Future Generations card without taking the correct amount of damage.
  • Fixed various audio issues with all Rei skins.
  • Fixed an issue where Rei’s Ultimate, Vivify, was being affected by various anti-healing effects.
  • Fixed an issue where Rei could link to several members of her team at one time in the Spawn Room in various circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where Rei’s Envelop ability could prevent her from being executed by Drogoz’s Ultimate, Dragon Punch.
  • Fixed an issue where Rei’s Midnight Stroll card could prevent her from being executed by Drogoz’s Ultimate, Dragon Punch.
  • Fixed an issue where Rei could lose Ult Charge if using her Ultimate, Vivify, on a target that died as she cast the ability.
  • Fixed an issue where Rei’s cards displayed incorrectly when viewed on the scoreboard in the End of Match Lobby.
  • Fixed an issue where Beach Bunny Rei’s hands looked broken when performing various actions when the World Detail setting was set to Low or Medium.
  • Fixed an issue where certain walls would break line of sight for Rei’s Spirit Link ability when her back was against the wall.
  • Fixed an issue where Rei’s Spirit Link ability would stay connected to enemies after they went into an ethereal state.
  • Fixed an issue where Rei’s Ultimate UI would hide player names.


  • Fixed an issue where Vatu’s Shadow Gaze card activated twice when he used his Shadow Bombs ability.


  • Fixed an issue where Viktor would T-Pose in the Match Lobby in the background when a teammate would select him with various MVP Poses equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where Viktor’s Hunter’s Bane, Draconic Fighter, and Full Moon skins would display incorrectly with the Guardian MVP equipped.


  • Fixed an issue where Yagorath’s base health would scale after each instance of using her Ultimate when she had any rank of the Veteran item equipped.
  • [Live] Fixed an issue where Yagorath’s Triumphant Return card would not function.


  • Fixed an issue where the effect of Ying’s Pursuit card would not stack with the movement speed effect her Illusions gained from her Resonance talent.


  • Fixed various audio issues with the Kazu gen:LOCK skin.


PTS Bug Fixes: General

  • Fixed a number of Trials that were unable to progress.
  • Fixed an issue where the Brewing Mischief Death Stamp would not properly display.
  • Fixed an issue where the Mastery Rewards windows for several champions displayed with extra text in the background.
  • Fixed an issue where Cauterize’s text was not respecting its new values.
  • Fixed various issues with the “Earn Free Rewards!” ad-watching system.
  • [Live] Fixed an issue where players could receive the full-screen popup for a level above the maximum level on the Event / Crossover Pass if they received levels from Trials rewards.
  • [Live] Fixed a UI issue with the Trials map being off-center.
  • Fixed more issues with more Trials challenges being unable to progress.
  • Fixed various messages that were broken in PTS.
  • Fixed an issue where Mastery Skins in Match Lobby displayed with a purchase button if the Player did not have the proper Mastery level to obtain them.
  • Updated the message displayed on the Dr Weller Death Card to better fit within the UI.


PTS Balance Changes


  • Light Forge
    • Changed duration 0.6s -> 1s


  • Last Efforts
    • Old: Increased the duration of the Damage Amplification of her Quill and Acid Combo
    • New: Hitting an enemy with Piercing Quills grants 20% Lifesteal for {0.6|0.6}s.


  • Arcane Focus
    • Old: Transfer 25% of the damage your spirit linked target takes to you while Spirit Linked. Transfer 100% of the damage done to your target while they are below 100 Health. You take (scale=90|-5}% of that damage. Spirit Link will break if you would fall under 500 Health.
    • New: Heal for {scale=20|20} every 1s while Spirit Linked to an ally.
  • Envelop
    • Now also increases your jump height by 50% while Envelop is active.
  • Spirit Link
    • Reduced scaling of per-second Ultimate charge gain 1%/s -> 0.5%/s
    • Range increased 80 -> 95
  • Chain Heal
    • Increased Cooldown 3s -> 4s
    • Healing increased 500 -> 530
    • Range increased 80 -> 95
  • Focus
    • Increased the Duration 2s -> 4s
    • Increased the Cooldown 6s -> 7s
  • Vivify
    • Time until target is granted damage Immunity
      0.4s -> 0s
    • Can now be used even without a friendly linked target


  • Aegis
    • Slightly increased time after Shield is brought down before it starts to Regenerate
    • The Shield will Regenerate at a low percentage of its maximum while it is active
    • Increased the Shield Regeneration while it is not being used

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