Paladins – Upcoming OB 50 Patch Introduces Nerf Guns, Wrestling Themed Skin For Buck And More

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With Paladins,  the free-to-play hero shooter from Hi-Rez Studios set to release a new patch in the upcoming days. The Georgia-based developer has given the community for Paladins a little sneak peak as what’s to come once OB 50 patch goes live on PC.

For starters and probably my favorite addition to the game for this patch is Buck receiving a new collection item that transforms him into a 1980’s style wrestler such as Hulk Hogan. Though probably the best part of the skin is quite possible is the voicepack which features the voice talent of Chris Rager whom is most familiar for voicing both Hercules in Dragon Ball Z and Mr. Torgue in the Borderlands game.

In addition to Buck receiving a new collection item that will be available to purchase directly, both Evie and Sha-lin will be getting new collections added to the game as well. In which you can view them in the links below:

Aside from  new collections being made available, Hi-Rez Studios is also adding Nerf styled cosmetics to the game thanks to the “Get Rekt” chest that will be made available as soon as the patch is released.  Below you’ll find the content of the chest including a “Get Rekt” spray:

  • Androxus REKT Hand Cannon
  • Barik REKT Boom Stick
  • Buck REKT Shotty
  • Cassie REKT Impaler
  • Grover REKT Hacker
  • Kinessa REKT Long Gun
  • Sha Lin REKT Great Bow
  • Tyra REKT Carbine
  • Viktor REKT War Rifle

Unfortunately, those expecting a new character to be released with this patch are going to be a bit disappointed. As the OB 50 is mainly focused on addressing old issues with the game like Fernando receiving damage while having his shield deployed and walking backwards.

For the full details on what’s been addressed with the patch, feel free to read the patch notes below:

OB 50 Patch notes


Announcer Packs

  • Rory
    • As part of reaching 1 million YouTube subscribers we’re selling this Announcer Pack for 1 Gold!
  • Bomb King
  • Evie


  • Activity Center
    • New tab added to the Home Panel that will show Notifications that include recent acquisitions and Daily Rewards. Future plans include event information.
  • Champion Screen will now sort from Newest Items then Highest Rarity.
  • New layout for customize selection in Match Lobby. Equip selections will be highlighted.
  • Can now equip customizations directly after purchasing.
  • Improved Controller vibration feel for reloads.


  • Fixed issue with new players not getting prompt for Region selection
  • Fixed a number of language issues with cards preventing them from being used at certain ranks.
  • Fixed an issue with chat where long text entries do not display
  • Fixed Report System to allow for more than 1 entry line.
  • Champion AI when using VGS now use the correct button callout.
  • Fixed localized languages showing incorrect and unlocalized text at Keybindings.
  • Projectiles no longer consider shields for remote proximity distance (ex. Drogoz fire spit exploding on shields from far away)
  • Fixed accuracy of projectiles on clients to closer match that on the server
  • Fixed Grumpy Bomb and Salvo’s bonus damage to shields not reducing the bleed over damage to health



  • Reversal
    • Shots will no longer pass through Reversal while walking backwards

Bomb King

  • Demolition
    • Fixed a bug where sometimes shields would not be fully destroyed.


  • General
    • Reduced Maximum Health from 3000 to 2800.


  • Rocket Launcher
    • This Weapon and its projectiles are now Lag compensated
  • Salvo
    • This Ability and its projectiles are now lag compensated
    • Will no longer fail to fire the full amount of loaded rockets
    • Salvo no longer gets interrupted when mounting
    • Salvo animation bugs fixed (sometimes not playing last shot animation, sometimes not playing other animations from the subsequent shots.
  • Fire Spit
    • This ability is now lag Compensated
  • Spitfire
    • Fixed spitfire to stack if hitting multiple players with the same rocket (maybe other issues too… not sure of the behavior on live)
    • Fixed Drogoz booster refilling twice as much booster fuel as intended through cards.


  • Shield
    • Shots will no longer pass through Fernandos Shield while walking backwards


  • Impasse
    • Increased deploy range from 60 to 80.
    • Now knocks up enemies slightly when deployed underneath them.
  • Stone Spear
    • Now has gradual damage falloff.
  • Mother’s Grace
    • Now grants debuff immunity.


  • Pounce
    • Fixed a bug where Pounce damage was not correctly being mitigated by Haven.


  • Dredge Anchor
    • Cooldown increased from 9 to 11.
  • Ancient Rage
    • Makoa will now gain increased health after 0.3s instead of 0.5s.


  • Restore Soul
    • Cooldown decreased from 5s to 4s.
  • Convergence
    • Pull delay reduced from 1.5s to 0.5s.


  • General
    • Fixed Evie icon showing for Willo’s Title requirement.
  • Seedling
    • Added UI markers to the second wave of Seedlings.


  • Illusion
    • Time between Illusion heals increased from 1s to 1.2s.
  • Dimensional Link
    • Description corrected to no longer state that Dimensional link clears debuffs on use

It should also be noted that with the release of OB 50, both the Colossal Chest and Nova Strike bundle won’t be available for purchase. The patch is expected to arrive sometime the middle of this week for PC, while both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms will receive it at a much later date.