Paladins Update 2.11 Released, Here’s This Week’s Champion Rotation

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Following the big Paladins update lat week that brought in the A Tigon’s Tale content and fixes, Evil Mojo Games has released Paladins update 2.11 and it’s a small download! Clocking in at just 150MB on PS4, this new Paladins update today shouldn’t include any new content.

Unfortunately though, Evil Mojo Games has not released any official patch notes as to what’s included in Paladins update 2.11. Given the size of the patch and the timing, we suspect it’s a fix for the lobby delay when choosing a champion. We’re still keeping an eye out as to what’s in it, and if we find anything, we’ll update the post.

Also announced today are this week’s Paladins champion rotation (via Paladins):

This Week’s Free Champion Rotation 

  • Torvald (Frontline)
  • Kinessa (Damage)
  • Talus (Flank)
  • Io (Support)

Evil Mojo has also made a few more announcements such as a competition kicking off this Wednesday, as well as the sale on the Nintendo Switch version only up until January 16!

  • Stream Team Competition
    • If you haven’t heard of our Paladins Stream Team, you’ve probably seen them on our official TwitchMixer, and Steam channels playing the game! To celebrate Season 3, we’ll be kicking off a friendly competition with them this Wednesday – stay tuned for the details!
  • Nintendo Sales
    • This Thursday, January 16, our sales on Nintendo Switch will be coming to a close! If you haven’t picked up your Champions Pack, Season Pass, or Digital Deluxe Edition for 50% off just yet, don’t miss your chance!

If you notice any changes via this patch, share them in the comments below.