Paladins Update 2.16 Out for Fixes

Paladins Update 2.42

While Hi-Rez Studios has been rather prolific with its patches for Paladins, it seems another Paladins update is out, and on a weekend even. Paladins update 2.16 has been released, and as one might expect, it’s for a fix.

Paladins update 2.16 changes:

Clocking in at 130MB on PS4, the update is to fix the Champions Pack bug from Paladins patch 2.15! The previous patch also released earlier this week locked champions that were unlocked if you bought the Champions Pack.

For those unaware, Hi-Rez Studios released patch 2.15 earlier this week and it was to fix the “capture” bug, and as well as to fix the bug that caused voices to not work outside of English.

As far as we’re aware, this is the only change made so far, and we’re keeping an eye out on the Paladins Trello board to see if anything else gets added.

For those who haven’t played the game, there was a big update added this year called Sands of Myth! Read up on the patch notes of that and more right here.

If you spot any changes, share them down in the comments below and we’ll credit you if we update the post with it. We’ll update the post if we hear of any new developments. In the meantime, go enoy your Champions once again, players!

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