Paladins Update 2.20 June 10 Patch Released

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While we got a rather big Paladins patch just last week that brought in gameplay changes and fixes, Hi-Rez Studios and Evil Mojo Games have released the Paladins update 2.20 June 10 patch today.

Paladins update 2.20 June 10 patch notes:

For now, Hi-Rez Studios has not mentioned what’s in this Paladins patch. The official Trello board has not updated either, which is a bit odd. However, there are a few issues there that are being looked into that could be the fixes included in today’s patch.

General Critical Issues:

  • Notification of acquisition of an item can rarely get stuck in an infinite loop
  • MVP Poses not working for Players

Champion Specific Critical Issues:

  • Corvus’ Weapon Audio is causing some audio to cut out on Nintendo Switch
  • Corvus gold weapon has sound issues

Under Investigation (No-Repro):

  • Aim-Assist will stop working mid game on console

Once we know what got fixed in this Paladins update 2.20 June 10 patch, we’ll update the post. Same as always, if you spot any changes (gameplay-related or not) in this patch, share ’em in the comments below.

For the full list of new content and changes in the big Darkness & Dragons patch, head on over here. There’s a patch that was part of that wherein a lot of Corvus gameplay fixes were made as well.