Paladins Update 2.45 Out for Sound Issue Hotfix and More This Dec. 1

paladins update 2.45

Hi-Rez Sudios has released the Paladins update 2.44 patch this December 1,  and this one is for a hotfix for sound issues and more. Check out the full patch notes below:

Paladins Update 2.45 Patch Notes:

Hotfix #1

Live on December 1st, 2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed multiple acquisition issues when obtaining items/skins from Event Pass
  • Fixed an issue where the Event Pass level indicated in chat does not properly reflect the users level
  • Fixed an issue where Good Vibes chest had the I incorrectly capitalized
  • Fixed an issue in Trials of the Realm where the lower UI was hard to read and had overlapping text
  • Fixed various audio issues causing players not to hear it properly
  • Fixed an issue where Azaan could cancel his ult after firing to skip postfire
  • Fixed an issue where Raum’s Cataclysm does not destroy Azaan wall sections
  • Fixed an issue using temp names instead of final for DantheBros Avatars
  • Fixed an issue where unlocking Reaver Viktor in the Relics of War chest wouldn’t count against the chest total
  • Fixed an issue where Tiberius heavy blade and charkrams did not interact with Azaan walls correctly
  • Fixed an issue where Azaan could cancel his ultimate and use it again without any ultimate charge loss
  • Fixed an issue where Vivian Sigma skin had Sigma used twice in the skin description
  • Fixed an issue where unlocking the Pepper skin in the Good Vibes chest wouldn’t count against the chest total
    Balance Changes


    • Abilities
      • Conviction
        • Increased Cooldown 8s -> 10s
        • Increased Tempering-affected Conviction Cooldown 12s -> 15s
        • Decreased Velocity multiplier 0.7 -> 0.5
    • Cards
      • Solemn Watch
        • Decreased scaling 7|7% ->6|6%
      • Eternal Strife
        • Decreased scaling 100|100 -> 85|85

That’s about it for the patch.

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