Paragon Patch Notes v.43 “Monolith Rising” Update Detailed

Paragon patch notes are always a welcome gift. Today’s list is named “Monolith Rising,” with “a new world revealed.” Very epic-sounding stuff from, erm, Epic Games…

Key changes and improvements include:


The Amyyrn Forest may appear beautiful, but it is home to the most wild and terrible creatures in all of Zechin. Feel the power of unbridled nature with Stonewood Rampage, available in the store.


The end game celebration is coming back to Agora. Defeat your enemies and revel in their core exploding when you claim victory. This feature will receive more updates in the future.


A long awaited feature is finally here. Use auto-run to get to lane as you check your stat build and plan strategies with your team. Auto-run can be canceled by movement input, activating an ability/card, or using cancel. Default binding: Num Lock (PC) and Team Comms/L1 (PS4).


As Monolith rises, so do Agora’s Heroes. Aurora, Kwang, Steel, and The Fey are updated to rise to Monolith’s challenges. Read their changes in the full release notes below.

You can find the full list of Paragon patch notes here. (Prepare for a lengthy read!)

Happy to see auto-run finally added to the game? I know I am!

Source: Epic Games (Official)

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