Paragon Winterfest Event Update Is Live, The “Most Generous Event of the Year”

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Yes, it’s yet another gaming holiday event! This time it’s Paragon implementing some festivities with its latest update.

“Winterfest” is now live, allowing players to “earn a bounty of exclusive content including three new high-tier skins, Winterfest chests packed with goodies, and–during the final week–a mystery prize.”

To earn all available loot, players will need to play Paragon each week from December 12 to January 8. New chests will become available at one game completed, seven games completed, and fifteen games completed. Complete twenty games to unlock an Elite Skin.

These are the Elite Skins on offer:




Along with Winterfest, the new update also added new hero Terra:

Here’s a breakdown of the Winterfest update’s major features:


Terra released!

– Store Content:

Gryphon Knight Terra Skin

Headswoman Emote

Winterfest has begun! Stay frosty until Jan. 8.

– Monolith Map and Main Menu screens have received a snowy makeover.

– Enjoy a 3-part Winterfest themed short story starring your favorite little drummer ogre, Narbash (read Part 1 here).

Weekly Quests

– Earn a guaranteed Winterfest Chest (see content below) after completing games 1, 7 and 15 each week.

Rewards for completing 20 games each week:

Week 1: Northern Mystic Morigesh Skin

Week 2: Frozen Hearth Aurora Skin

Week 3: Frost King Revenant Skin

Week 4: Mystery Prize

Note: the 3 above skins will also be available for individual purchase in the store during their respective quest week as well as in Week 4.

For the first time ever, you’ll be able to track your event quest progress in the updated Play tab and Post-Match screen.

– Winterfest Chests

Can contain one of the following 12 items:

Everfrost Kwang Skin

Everfrost Lt. Belica Skin

Everfrost Serath Skin

Northern Mystic Morigesh Banner

Frozen Hearth Aurora Banner

Frost King Revenant Banner

Sword Sculpture Aurora Emote

Old Saint Riktor (2016 Winterfest Skin)

Jingle Bombs Iggy & Scorch (2016 Winterfest Skin)

Peppermint Kallari (2016 Winterfest Skin)

Ugly Sweater Gadget (2016 Winterfest Skin)

Yuletide Feng Mao (2016 Winterfest Skin)

Guaranteed no duplicates!

If you earn 12 chests by playing at least 15 games each week of Winterfest, then you’re guaranteed to earn all 12 items listed above.

If you earn a Winterfest Chest after already owning all 12 items (if you had previously owned a 2016 Winterfest Skin for example) then that chest will grant a 10-Win XP Boost.

– Winterfest Mega Bundle

Available only in the final week (1/2/18 – 1/9/18) of Winterfest

Contains all of the following at a discounted price:

3 Winterfest skins:

Northern Mystic Morigesh Skin

Frozen Hearth Aurora Skin

Frost King Revenant Skin

6 Winterfest skin variations exclusively found in this bundle (previewable in the Collections tab at the start of Winterfest):

Onyx Northern Mystic Morigesh

Emerald Northern Mystic Morigesh

Earthen Frozen Hearth Aurora

Jade Frozen Hearth Aurora

Sanguine Frost King Revenant

Gunmetal Frost King Revenant

Will you be playing every week for new Paragon goodies? Let us know.

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Source: Epic Games