Path of Exile Update 2.06 Out for Kirac’s Vault Pass This April 19

path of exile update 2.06

Grinding Gear Games has released the Path of Exile update 2.06 patch today, and this one adds the Kirac’s Vault Pass to the store! Check out the full Path of Exile April 19 update patch notes below.

Path of Exile Update 2.06 Patch Notes | Path of Exile Update 3.17.3b Patch Notes | Path of Exile April 19 Update Patch Notes:

[PlayStation] 3.17.3b Kirac’s Vault Pass Patch

Kirac’s Vault Pass has now been enabled for PlayStation. You can access it through the Atlas UI or in Karui Shores.

That’s it for this small patch for Path of Exile. In case you’re wondering what’s included in this vault pass, check out a rundown below:

Purchase your pass, unlock access to Kirac’s Vault, and complete Atlas objectives to earn up to eight exclusive unique item skins. You’ll earn your first reward upon entering the Karui Shores, after defeating Kitava. You’ll earn additional rewards by completing sets of map bonus objectives while exploring your Atlas. If you complete the bonus objectives of all 117 maps, you’ll have earned all eight available rewards!

These unique item skins don’t just provide an alternate appearance for popular end-game items, they also visually interact with your gameplay in new ways. For example, the Bloodthirsty Headhunter skin causes the skulls of rare enemies to explode as you steal their abilities. The Indomitable Aegis Aurora skin flares with energy shield when you block. The Malevolent Watcher’s Eye skin literally watches you as you plan your build. To be clear, the unique item skins you can earn are entirely cosmetic and do not convey any gameplay advantage. You still need to acquire the actual unique item they apply to.

Stay tuned for more updates for Path of Exile here at MP1st!

Source: Path of Exile forums

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